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Around the farm: It’s been over cast most of day, praying for rain. I have cut the runners from my strawberries, suckered my tomatoes yet again, washed clothes and hung out side,  weeded some, and now taking a break. 

Home Tips    ( )

I found  this recipe and like it the best for a few reasons: I can get Ivory soap bars for 3 for a dollar and baking soda is cheap, both Ivory and baking soda store just about forever, not a lot of work to make, can be used to clean other things. We use ERA detergent the most as it works best on the farm, and being able to make something’s is better than nothing . And I have not learned yet to make soap. But I’m am preparing for hard times to come,( power outages, no money, nothing in stores to buy, etc.). I have bought Ivory and as have baking soda, for when it’s need. There are some many things happening all around us. This recipe is the cheapest I can find and the easiest to make( which is what I look for in all recipes).

Homemade Laundry Soap Detergent Recipe

2 gallons Water (hot)
1 bar Soap (grated)
2 cups Baking soda (yes baking soda this time–not washing soda)

  • Melt grated soap in a saucepan with enough hot water to cover. Cook on medium-low heat, stirring frequently until soap is melted.
  • In a large pail, pour 2 gallons hot water. Add melted soap, stir well.
  • Then add the baking soda, stir well again.
  • Use 1/2 cup per full load, 1 cup per very soiled load

I got this at:   ( Recipe #8) There are other recipes here, too.


Homemade Sanitary Pads

Ok, ladies what happens when and if you can’t buy sanitary pads. This is a must, to use all the time not really. But if you made a few to just have in case, this is something that we need, monthly. Yes, you could stock up on store bought ones, this is just a money saving tip. These could also be used in a first aid kit, if needed. When I find something like these, I think of other ways it can be used. The site I found to make them is:


Recipes       ( )

I know this is a winter time recipe but if you had it now, you might be able to stock up for it.( the price of powdered milk keeps going up, but this drink can also replace a glass of milk too, which is a treat for kids, and us older people.) And here they will not drink the powered milk any other way. And in hard times, this is a great boost.

 Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

Makes 14 cups (this makes a 28 cup batch)

2 cups instant non fat milk (4 cups)

1/2 cup cocoa  (1 cup)

1 1/2 cup sugar (3 cups)

1/4 teaspoon salt (1/2 teaspoon)

Mix all together well, store  in an air tight bowl. To use add 3 heaping tablespoons to a cup of hot water, not boiling. If you have a coffee maker- run water with no coffee, this is just the right temp.  ( after making it with the hot water and stirred good , it can be put in the ice box and becomes choc. milk, this is good too.)


Stocking Food    ( )

Yes, we do have a milk cow, who gives 3 1/2 gallons of milk a day. And yes, I can and freeze the milk. But I also keep the dried milk on hand( 3-5gal. buckets, about the time I run out, it’s on sale again and well keep 6-8 months in a cool dark place.). If I can’t get feed for her due to no money and or no food to buy, and when she dries up- I’ll have milk. We use a lot of milk both to drink and cook with. What I do with the dried milk: make cheeses , hot cocoa mix, in baking.

The many uses of powdered milk-great site for more ideas;




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Stocking food, brownies recipe, home tip


Expiration Dates on stored food ( put in stocking food tab)

I use a big black pen to write the date in big letters on front of package, then as I buy new, I put it where the dates go from oldest to newest.  I just look around my stores at the dates facing me. Then once a month, I go though and pull every thing that needs to be eaten that month, and bring in to the house.  Most can goods are good for years, but as the years go by they loose some nutritional value with age. If you are buying for your stockpile, look at the expiration dates as you buy, I have moved cases of food to get food that has more than a year from exp. date( I do put the other cases back like I found them). The oldest food is always on top or in the front. No store people have said any thing to me as long as I put things back.  It your money, and with money being tight, why not buy the freshest you can. It takes a little more time, but if your like me you have more time than money.


Recipes (is in tab too)

More Brownies Please

1 cup butter(2 sticks)

2 cups sugar

2 teaspoons vanilla

4 eggs

3/4 cup cocoa

1 cup all purpose flour

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 cup nuts optional ( but are great with walnuts)

Preheat oven to 350, grease 13 X 9 X 2 pan, melt butter in a pan then turn heat off and stir in sugar and vanilla, add eggs one at a time beating well with wooden spoon after each egg, add cocoa, beat until blended,  add flour, baking powder, salt, beat well. stir in nuts.  Bake at 350 for 30 – 35 min. or until brownies pull away from the sides of pan.  Enjoy!



Home Tips (is in tab too)

I found flannel sheets at thrift store, full sets, king size set $2.00 and queen size set $2.00. I will cut these up to make: washable paper towels, washable tissues,  washable napkins, and to make pads. That’s a lot of material for $4.00.

I am buying less cleaners and making my own cleaners. I will list some in a few days.


Hope everyone has a happy  4th.  Becky


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Garden and Farm and Home

I have been going full speed last few days. Right now it’s over 90, so I am taking a break in front of a fan. I am mulching everything I can, this so helps  with less weeding, and holds water in longer. I canned more quarts of  milk and quarts of green beans. Froze milk and eggs, and some cream(the only things you can not do with cream that has been frozen, is whip it. I make butter, ice cream and cheese with it as time allows). Thank you Lord, for a great garden and a milk cow who is giving more milk ( over 3 1/2 gallons a day, now)than I can keep what with, and 80+eggs to eat and eggs to put under hens( meat this winter). I hoed up another row of potatoes.  One of our hens hatched 3 more chicks ( total so far  this spring 11 chicks). I have got  to find time (somewhere) to make strawberry jam, and I’m almost out of butter.  The Lord has really blessed our farm and garden again. I am putting up everything I can get my hands on.   Our daughter is bring in more blackberries than I can keep up with and finding them in places they were not in before.  I know it’s going to be a very long, hard winter. And the Lord is providing food now to put up. Usually, when our garden and farm do above average, the winter coming has been hard and long. It has happened three different years, here. So that is why I am preparing more than I normally do, not just because of our economy and our income  dropping to a third.  This blog, Becky’s Farm Life , has gotten some many hits, from people looking to stock up on food and stretch their money, I know the Lord is trying to prepare them too.  I am just trying to help all I can. It’s becoming my mission for the Lord. People, I talk to face to face think I’m crazy for telling them to stock up and get ready. So the Lord showed me to start this blog, and they will come, and they have.  Please if any of you have ideas to add, please do so. As we are to help one another. And again, I don’t have all the answers, just telling what I know and what has worked here on our farm for years.

Tommy still has not gotten the gas line fixed under the house. So I am glad I have a gas stove top outside( this is where I can in the summer). In a way it’s a blessing, I can cook simpler meals,and the kitchen does not get so hot. Last night, we had eggs and bacon and toast and milk.  I just have to keep an eye out for the cats, they think it’s their dinner.  I am checking all my stored  things as I go to the store next week. I have cut going to town to every two weeks, it would be once a month but I don’t have room to store that much animal feed. As it is I get 700 lbs, every two weeks, this feeds 3- cows, 30 chicken, 4- dogs, 4- cats, 6- kittens. Do you need a kitten?  And many food we need for the next 2 weeks, I am so blessed to have a truck big enough to carry it all. When I come home from a day in town, the truck is packed tight. And usually  takes us about 3 hrs. to get everything put up.

The milk cow has been giving me a hard time. She was in her worse heat the other night. She want to play with the bull more than she wanted to eat and get milked. It took me 3  1/2 hours to milk her out, usually 20 min’s. She a great milk cow for it being her first year milking. Tommy says, It’s  a female thing, men think they know it all. I have another chicken wanting to sit on eggs, I will let her in a few days.   I have strawberry runners to cut off, and sucker the tomatoes, clothes to wash and hang out side. Hope every one has a blessed day.  So I better get up from in front of this fan and get more things done today. Becky




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Freezing eggs,milk and canning cheese and milk: Answers

hopefulheart wrote a comment: Your blog is fasinating. Could you please tell me how to freeze eggs? I am buying fresh eggs from my friends now but as you now the chickens can be fickle ) And how long do they last in the freezer? What is the best way to freeze milk? How do you can cheese and milk? Do you use a water bath or pressure canner? Thanks for the help.

Freezing eggs: You crack say 2- 3 eggs into a bowl, 1/4 tsp of sugar or salt(use sugar or salt-depending on what the eggs will be used for), just pop the yoke , and pour into a freezer bag.  Label your bag sugar or salt. Check your most used recipes to find the number of eggs you use most. I use 6 eggs in ice cream- 6 eggs with 1/2 tsp sugar. Eggs to eat, I pack in 3 eggs with 1/4 tsp. salt. Eggs for cake mixes, add sugar to eggs. We have eaten the eggs I froze with sugar in them and they were good. The only thing you can’t do with these eggs, is have them fried. I have found they last 6-12 months. The older they get, its best to use them in recipes than to eat plain.  A lot of people  don’t know you can freeze eggs. After the first year here of home grown eggs, store bought didn’t look so good any more. So I found a way to keep us in eggs when the hens slowed down. This does work with store eggs ,too.  Date your bags and use oldest first.


Freezing Milk: I have found that best way to freeze milk is to use juice bottles or 2 liter bottles, WHY? the jugs that milk comes in is very thin and weak.  And more times than not, when the milk thaws the jug leaks. In a 2 liter bottle put a 1/2 gallon of milk, this will leave room for it to freeze.  Always date your bottles.  And it will thaw over night in ice box. I have found it will last 6- 12 months in freezer, I know that is not what is said, but that’s what works here. Just always use the oldest first.  We have done this for over 6 years now, and same with eggs.


Canning Cheese and Milk and Butter: These are listed in the recipes tab at the top.

Canning hard cheeses: We love sharp cheddar cheese but don’t like it frozen. You can, can any hard cheese this way. So I found a way to can it. In jelly/ or pint jars, in a pan of water (put jars in water), put cheese in jars(slice into small pieces) , allow to melt down  to 1 in. from top,  then put lids on and hot water bath 40 min. for both pints and jelly jars.The longer it sit on shelf the sharp it gets. We just got plans to build a cheese press, so as I can make my own cheddar cheese. We have had to wait to make it because I had no way or place to allow cheese to ripen. So now I’ll make it and can it. The can cheese will last 2 plus years in a cool dark place.


I will also copy this post into the recipes tab, so as it will be easier to find. Hope you all have a great day.



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The foods you stock up

Please make sure the foods you stock up on, our foods you will eat. Why buy 50 pounds of rice, if no one will eat it.  I stock up on foods that can be mix and match with other things,  and am able to make more than one kind of meal with it.

Elbow noodles, cheese sauce, spag. sauce, mixed vegs( in #10 cans), canned meats( or just meat)= can be mde into: mac and cheese, spag. with elbow noodles, Soup made with noodles-mixed vegs-a little meat, cheese spread on bread or crackers.

Flour: makes breads, noodles, breadings

Rice: make rice and gravy with meat, add to soups, as a side dish, if you run out of chicken food- cook some up for them-I have done it for weeks

Meats: have some home canned and/or store canned ( no power, ets, already cooked), some in freezer.

Think about your  most ate meals, and try to stock those things. Check the dates on everything you buy! Start off small, buy  few extra things at a time, Or at least a meals worth and /or days worth.  The extras you get put up, out of sight until you get a supply going as you might be tempted to use it.  Everyone is having hard times. And I know it’s harder now to stock up, but this mess is not going away any time soon. Think of the cheapest meal you can get by with, this is not the time to stock up on T- Bones, etc.  If you are used to buying name brand things, try a few off brands, sometimes  you’ll be able to get 2 off brand ideas for the price of a name brand. I know some off brands are not good, but some are. Stocking up is the best thing you can do for your family. I try and prepare for the worse and pray for the best. We are not eatting all the meals , we were eatting last year. We get alot of different foods, and the amounts are cut some. I used to make sweets daily and now I only make them 3 times a week.  Instead of cooking a whole chicken for dinner, I cook enough for a piece a person, they eat more vegs and bread. The steaks (our cow meat) cut up for beef stew, and get two meals out of one. I know this will not work for every one out there, but pick and choose what will or you think will work for your family. I have just been doing it so long, it’s now a habit. If you need any help just ask. If you have a meal you want to stretch, or come up with some other meal with same stuff in it, just let me know. And I’ll try my best to help. I hope this helps every one out there. 

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Why 3 blogs?

Why 3 blogs? Well I’m still new to this blogging world. And I have found that the different blogs allow me to do different things. Two are easier for me to load photos, one allows more pages, this one more friends. And  having three, I can also reach more people. Some many people now are looking for ways to feed their familys and strectch their money, etc.  I have an overwhelming feeling to help and share with people what I know. And I don’t know it all. And I am learning more from each of you as well.  Hope to see you at one of my three blogs. God Bless, Becky

other 2:  another Jordan’s Farm   Jordan’s Farm

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Updates: Home, Garden, canning, Tommy’s health

Good morning,

     We have had 2 days of blessed rain. Thank you Lord. The gardens and well really needed it. And it helped to cools us off.  It’s been up above 90’s, no AC in house, only AC in food barn ( some days I wish I was a jar of green beans and get to stay where it’s cool).

      The farm is doing great too. I am getting 21 + gallons of milk a week( I’m making cheese, ice cream, butter, canning, freezing, it all as Fast as I can), 80+ eggs a week ( I’m freezing eggs too, this works great when they slow down, you can freeze store bought eggs too), 2 chickens sitting( meat for this winter and replacing hens), 7 young chicks so far,  the beefalo bull will being leaving us soon( I need steaks and I do not want to feed him this coming winter), 7 kittens( any one need one).  I hope to dig up some new potatoes this week as I really do not want to buy any more store (yuck) potatoes, we ran out of our stored  potatoes from last year two months ago.  And tomatoes are almost ready to enter our bellies.

    The garden is doing great, the Lord has blessed it yet again. We got a load (big) of mulch, to put in walk  ways of the upper  garden. Which will save me a lot of time, in not having to weed so much.   I have canned 22 jelly jars of cheese sauce, 7 qt’s. of milk, 4  qt’s. of green beans,  froze 6- 2liter bottles of milk.  I’ll have to pick green beans again Monday.   This coming week I have to make strawberry jam, I had to freeze the strawberries because at the time they came in I was to busy to make jam. I have 8- gallon freezer bags of strawberries calling my name.   I dried 3 batches of herbs.

   Tommy is doing a little better. He still is tired all time and at times has a hard time breathing, but thank the Lord the pain is not as bad as before. We still have not as of today found a way to pay for his med’s or doctor visits. So please keep praying.

We are so blessed,  we may have no money, but we have what money can’t buy. Thank you Lord, for your blessings on us.  Lord, help me to always count my blessing and not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow is in YOUR hands. Thank you for always supplying all our needs.

Thank you all for your friendship. May God bless you all.  Becky



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Food stock good but soaps, PT, etc., not.

Is any one else a little overwhelmed with our economy??? I know no one knows what doing to happen tomorrow. And try as I might, there is always something I’m forgetting.

 I was looking around my home and food store this morning, and I am lacking in an area. My soaps, PT, tooth paste, ect. are not in good shape. I have been forcing on food. But there is more to life than food, it’s a big part but not the only. So now I’m setting the food aside for a bit, unless a great sale comes.

Here is what I need to stock:


Dove-bath soap

V05  shamp. and conditioners-hair



bath paper

paper towels


wax paper

freezer bags- qt and gal

trash bags

light bulbs

lamp oil


his and her deod.

clothes soap

and a few other thing.

Then next is stocking up cow and chicken food, maybe if I can hay.

I really hope I’m not to late. Sometimes this whole economy thing is so overwhelming. I know the Lord is in control. But I know ,I’m to do my part too, like the ants in the Bible. God has always supplied our needs.

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Why, What, How : I am storing and stocking up: Food

Why? Well , my hubby told me a year ago, to start stocking up. He knew all this was coming, higher food and gas prices and job cuts. So when you see what I have, remember that I have been at it for over a year.
When I go to the store, I only buy food if it’s on sale. Then I buy all I can, but I check the exp. date on everything I buy. When I’m stocking up I think to myself: how many things can I make with this, what do I really need as far as staples(how much do I use every month), will my family eat this,etc. Your ?’s  to your self might be different. I am just showing you our way, but you might not eat what I do or cook the way I do.


We have what I call a food barn( kids call it the grocery store). We rent, so we could not dig a cellar. So hubby made a food barn for me. It has AC in summer when it’s hot and a small heater in winter. As you can see it’s not very big, about 7ft wide by about 16ft long.  My 3 freezers are in here too, they help keep in warm in the winter. This is were I store 80% of our food. Here are some more photos of inside the food barn.




The above is canned milk from our cow, eggs from the chickens, canned potatoes,green beans,carrots.


These are green beans, apple sauce(we pick up apples and pears off the ground at a friends house and cut out bad spots the size of dimes, no one else wants to pick them up and we rent so we can’t plant fruit trees, so God provides fruit this way. We usually get enough to last us until next year.), pears.


Coffee and tea are bought on sale at less than half price or a little more. I stock up and by the time they run low or out the sales back.


Someone gave us their Y2K #10 cans of flour, sugar, powdered sugar, ect. The flour will not work in breads, but will do for a coating on fried foods, gravies, and noodles.


Sharp cheddar cheese canned (just learned you could can hard cheeses, we don’t like it in the freezer, so watch out sales), rice in a 2 liter bottle with a few bay leaves inside to keep bugs out and top taped on, bottle of elbow noodles, canned cheese sauce( just learned to can this too), ice cream bucket with baking soda and tape closed.

The next are places I store in the house:



Rice with bay leaves inside.


Noodles are left in there packages and sugar.( 5 gal. bucket holds 7 -5lbs. bags)

I have 4 buckets of sugar, 2 of dry milk, 2 of lard, 25 bags of flour, and more. The buckets are stored in one of our bedrooms, other things are stored under beds, in closets: anywhere I can stick things.

Hope this helps someone. Start off with buying a little extra each week, or just one or two things. Nothing is going to be dropping in price any time soon. Can or put every thing you can put your hands on. But only put up what you will eat! And don’t forget to put up a few sweets up, in hard times  they’ll give you a little boost, a feel good food. Cheese  is our boost.

Happy shopping.  Becky




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A place to find out new ways to live and eat for less.

With the price of gas, food and loses of jobs and job lay offs: people have been asking me more often ,” How do you do this or that?” So I’m starting this so I can point people here. I welcome any ideas on making it through this days we are in.
I by no means have all the answers. But we have lived on one income for more than ten years now. I have found new ways of doing things for less. And finding ways to use what I already have before trying to buy. Now I have to use even more creativity than before. My husband has prostate cancer, and our income has taken a big fall. But my store house is full, we are clothed and housed. We are very blessed.
Here are a few things we are doing : I only buy food on sale, I plan meals with what is in the house. I make even more things from scratch: ice cream ( our milk , cream, eggs and sugar from store), I’m in the process of making sanitary pads( they went up in price too, but I don’t have to buy anything, just use what I already have around the house), I learned to can sharp cheddar cheese( when it goes on sale, I can buy a lot, We love cheese), I make mozzarella and ricotta from our cow’s milk, I am now making our homemade Cheese Whiz and canning it in jars.This is just a start. I am willing to help any one I can make it through this day and age( prices of everything up)

So please ask a way.
Together we will make it.
TIP for today: You can grow Bush green beans in a bucket, and get a lot of beans to can or freeze. And do not plant tomatoes near corn or potatoes.

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