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Me, Write a book?

Tommy has asked me for many years to write a book about what we as a family have been through, the ways we live, the ways the Lord has worked in our lives,  our up and downs, how I cook and canning , run a farm,etc.  Something to leave the kids.  And I have had a few comments asking me to write a book. I have been writing a daily paper  journal about our family lives for years now, 12 + books are full.

Well I found a place that will turn your blog into a book for you at a reasonable price. So as a first step to please my husband, I am working so doing that.  The only draw back is that the site only uses Blogger blogs. So I am transferring the post there and all the comments from here.  It will take me a while to type in all my journals, to be able to get them in book form. And I will set up a different blog on blogger to do this.  Am I trying to sell the books? I am not sure, this is new to me. So for now I’ll do them for the kids and see where the Lord leads.  I would have never dreamed of writing a book. So I am not sure where this all will lead. Do any of you have any thoughts on this? I would really like to know your very honest answers. Would you want to buy a book about Jordan’s Farm and family life??


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Why 3 blogs?

Why 3 blogs? Well I’m still new to this blogging world. And I have found that the different blogs allow me to do different things. Two are easier for me to load photos, one allows more pages, this one more friends. And  having three, I can also reach more people. Some many people now are looking for ways to feed their familys and strectch their money, etc.  I have an overwhelming feeling to help and share with people what I know. And I don’t know it all. And I am learning more from each of you as well.  Hope to see you at one of my three blogs. God Bless, Becky

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