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In Loving Memory of a Wonderful Man


Tommy Jordan

Tommy went home to be with the Lord this morning.  Heavens gain, another son has gone home. And will be really missed here. But he is in no more pain. Thank you all for your prayers.

Thomas Swartz Jordan, Jr. (January 19, 1947 – March 18, 2009)

The Akins Funeral Home of Blue Ridge announces funeral services for Mr. Thomas Swartz Jordan, Jr., age 62, of Mineral Bluff, GA who passed away on Wednesday March 18, 2009. Born in New Hanover County, NC he was the son of the late Thomas and Shirley Mann Jordan. He was carpenter by trade and enjoyed farming. He was a member of the New Prospect Baptist Church. Mr. Jordan served his country in the United States Navy. Survivors include his wife, Becky Jordan; children, Carla, Marshania Barnes, Karen Williams, Thomas S. Jordan III, Raymond T. Jordan, Shawn M. Raymond, Tasha M. Raymond, Tommielynn F. Jordan, Juniper Hayes, Scott Bradley; grandchildren, Jessica, Jared, Nicholas, Jesse, Katelyn, Hannah, Matthew, Sydney, Sibyl; sister, Linda Evans; niece, Katie Williams; cousin, Rick Jordan; uncle, Larry Swain; extended family, Tex Gallop, Janet Jordan and Brenda Outlaw. Funeral services will be conducted on Saturday March 21, at 2:00 p.m. from the Chapel of the Akins Funeral Home of Blue Ridge with Rev. Randy Hooper and Rev. Randall Nichols officiating. Music will be provided by T.J. Jordan and Rev. Randy and Missy Hooper. Interment will follow in the Light House Full Gospel Church Cemetery with full military honors provided by the North Georgia Honor Guard. The following gentlemen have been selected to serve as pallbearers: Thomas S. Jordan III, Raymond T. Jordan, Shawn Raymond, John Arp, Scott and Donald Morris. The family will receive friends at the funeral home on Saturday from 12:00 noon until the funeral hour.

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Weekend – It’s been good

Tommy has had a good weekend. He was up during the day and slept at nights. There was a few bouts with pain but the morphine helped. It was great having him up during the day.  And he really enjoyed being up with us.

Tasha and Carl, helped me to get some more things out of the shop. We have until the 15th to get everything else out, almost done, maybe just one more trip. Thank you Carl for your help.

It has been a long time since we have had an easy and good weekend. Thank you Lord. Tommy was able to help me fix things and he got some other things done.  Which made him feel useful.

The weather still does not know what it wants to do, one day cold and the next hot.

The girls are doing good. And Tasha’s belly is getting bigger.  The farm is doing good.

Thank you Lord for all your blessings, love, and mercy.


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An update on Tommy–The Lord does it again



Tommy is in the hospital tonight and should be home tomorrow. I had to call 911 at about 11am to come and get him. He was having a hard time breathing, his skin was more yellow, and his pulse keep going higher.

The doctor in ER said that Tommy’s blood ememzines (?Spell) were very low and his hemoglobin (?spell)was really low, which was making it hard for him to breath and making him feel like he was smothering. Tommy’s blood was not carrying oxygen like it was supports too. The doctor believes the cancer has gotten into the bone marrow and is eating the red cells. They are giving Tommy 2 pints of red blood cells tonight, which will help him feel better and breath easier. This is only a kind of quick fix and will only last a few weeks at most. Kind of like giving him morphine for pain. Tommy can chose to get more blood but we have no insurance and this time we with in through the ER. The ER doctor said that the 2 pints of red blood cells were very expensive. I don’t know what to do next? But tonight he is getting them. The rest is in the Lord’s hands.

Tommy was looking a little better when I left, but very tired. He was not as pale looking. Please keep praying for us. And thank you all for your prayers.


FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 06, 2009 09:15 AM, CST

mom called from hospital this morning dads hospice dropped his case last night we need hard fast pray now for a new hospice to pick up tommy please pray hard


Thursday evening: After Tommy was settled into his room and I had talked to the nurses, we went home. By this time it was really dark, ( I can’t see to drive at night, I’m blinded by on coming head lights). So I followed Tasha in her car, which really helped. Well about a mile from the hospital, my windshield was dirty, so I sprayed it and turned on the wipers. Well being my brain was not working well- my windshield is now a sheet of ice, while driving down the road. I had to roll down the drivers window to see to pull over. Tasha came back to see why I had pulled over, I told her- she said mom it’s 10 degrees. I just cried as I scraped ice off the windshield. The Lord then got us home safe and sound. Thank you Lord. After we got home I called some family with the update on Tommy and thankfully they passed it on to others. I was so very tired both mind and body. I prayed all night: Lord, will you please send us a better hospice or give ours now a heart to help Tommy. Friday: I awoke praying the same prayer. Tommy called a little after 8am saying the doctor had been there and he was ready to go home. I started getting ready to go get him; and dread, worry, fear started to cover me and I started shaking. It all came on so fast and that to scared me. Instead of letting my mind have it’s way – I started saying the 23rd Psalm out loud then said 2 Timothy 1:7 “My God did not give me the spirit of fear: but of power, and of love and of a sound mind.” I kept repeating these two all the way to the hospital. It was a fight, and by the time I got to the hospital, I was calmed down and had peace. Thank you Lord.

I went in and talked to Tommy and then went to tell the nurses I was there. While I was packing up Tommy’s things, his room phone rung. I answered it. It was the hospices head RN, I told her I was going to call as soon as I got home. She said no need too, that they dropped/discarded Tommy’s case last night and we could not leave the hospital until we found another hospice to take up his care. I asked, Why? She said because I had took Tommy to an uncontracted hospital for treatment. I said he was having trouble breathing. She said, we are no longer his hospice and hung up.

I can honestly say, if I had not prayed all morning- I know I would have lost my mind with a nerves breakdown. Thank you Lord for preparing me. Now I’m in total shock!!
Tommy saw my face turn white as I was hanging up, and started to ask me, but I just held up my hand for him to give me a minute. I took a few deep breaths and tried so hard to pray but worry and fear came in again fast. So I told Tommy everything. Then started making phone calls asking for fast prayer, as I just could not seem to get the prayers out at that moment. Then I called our family doctor( they had set us up with the first hospice) and told them what happened(they had told me to take Tommy fast to an ER yesterday), She said she would look into it and get back to me. Honestly, now I’m shaking and wrapped tight in fear and worry and my mind is on overload. I asked to talk to the head nurse to see about talking to the hospitals social worker, she said she’d send her to the room. So I go back to the room to wait. Tommy says he wants a candy bar, so off I go to get him one. While on my way back to the room a small voice says, ”You asked for a new hospice, but I’ll do it My way.” I started crying and asking for forgiveness for my lack of faith and for worrying. And an overwhelming peace filled me. Thank you Lord. I walked into Tommy’s room crying and he asked why. I told him of my prayer last night and this morning and our answer coming. He cried too. We both thank the Lord and took a few deep breaths. We both had to fight hard to keep fear and worry away and hang on tight to His words for a few hours. We kept talking about all the prayers He has answered over the years. Then the call came from our family doctor, they found us a new hospice who would pick up Tommy’s case. And would be coming to the hospital as soon as our doctor signed and faxed them the paper work. Tommy and I gave thanks again to the Lord. They came and we signed papers.

Tommy and I left the hospital about 3 pm. The new hospice nurse was at our house at 5 pm. She was wonderful, and said they would get Tommy’s pain under control ASP. Tasha came home while she was still here. I had sent her out for a fast food dinner. I was totally worn out with no strength left to make dinner. Thank you Tasha for running into town for me.

The nurse called me an hour and a half later: She said that so far with the information she was plugging in, they would cover his cancer, but not sure yet if they could cover his COPD breathing meds, but no matter what I could keep the oxygen machine. With a peaceful heart, I told her ,“to do what she could do and the Lord would see to the rest. If it turns out we have to buy his COPD meds and inhalers that the Lord would provide them or a way to get them.” She said, “ she agreed as she to has seen the Lord answer prayers and knows He takes care of His own.” Tommy’s and my bodies are worn out , but our spirits are joyful and peaceful.

Thank you Lord for walking us through yet another day and for blessing us so. And answering prayers in Your way and in Your time. Thank you for forgiving us of our weak faith and trust.

Today looking back I now see: the Lord prepared me for bad news ( hospice letting us go), reminding me He is still answering my prayers in His way and His time, walking with us in what felt like our darkest hours, strengthening our faith and trust in Him, renewing our hope in hospice people. Thank you Lord. But in order for us to grow in him, and our faith and trust to grow: we must go through trials, fears, unknowns, lonely times to be able to see His hands and love in it all. That’s were faith and trust become stronger with each trial we look back on. When going through trials we do not always feel Him near us and helping us- But He NEVER leaves us- not even when we don’t feel him. Thank you Lord for carrying my family through another trial. And please help us to always remember this trial and the work you did in it when the next trial comes.

Saturday: Tommy had some pain last night but morphine stop it. The new hospice nurse was out this morning. She is going to be asking the new hospice doctor Monday morning for: morphine sulfate MSER 100 mg (she said if by second dose it’s not working they will up it); a new sleeping pill, a much stronger anti- inflammatory, and a few other things. What a great blessing not having to wait a week plus for something to work and go up on dose.

Tommy had corn beef hash and eggs to eat. Then watched some NetFlixs. And is now going out on the porch to get some vitamin D with it 70 it’s nice and warm for him.

I can’t thank you all enough for all your prayers, Thank you.

God Bless you all,








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Hands have been full But I’m still blessed

Life has been full lately. Tommy has been having a hard time with pain: Hopefully this is straighten out now. I have been sick for 3 weeks now, and last Thursday I went and got an antibiotic.  And I have been doing only the “have to” chores. The farm is doing good. The girls are fine. The weather does not know what it wants to do- one day cold, next day warm. 


I sure have miss you all. Hopefully I can get back here now and read up on what everyone has been up too. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. Our Christmas was good. Tommy got a tractor book, he has wanted for a while. TommieLynn got a small MP3 player, which she loves. We had a quiet day.


Tommy is still enjoying NetFlix. He said last night that he finally figured out the remote control.  And loves the fact he no longer has to watch commercials.


Scott and Ann came up again for a few days. And they helped out around here. Thank you both very much for your help. And for putting a smile on Tommy’s face.


This is from Caring Bridge site this morning.

Good Morning everyone,

I’m sorry it’s been so long but it’s been a long week. OK here goes:

Friday 19, Three people came out from hospice and talked to Tommy and I for about an hour. They said they would see about a break through med.

Saturday 20, Tommy woke up at 6 am having a hard time breathing. So we moved the oxygen machine into the bedroom. (he now uses the oxygen nightly)He is still hurting but not as bad as before.

Sunday 21, My grandmother died this evening.

Monday 22, At 12:20 am Tommy fell and I woke to a crashing sound. He’s not hurt. At 11am, Tommy falls again trying to pick up clothes off the floor. He’s not hurt. Then Dr. Burke calls me: and says he has made a mistake and can not take Tommy’s case and will give it back to the hospice doctor. And he is really sorry. (now we are not sure if the hospice doctor will take Tommy back.) Then my uncle calls and says my cousin has been in a bad car wreck. Her 3 little girls only had some stitches and are OK. But she was throw from the car. The doctors have put her into a coma as all her face bones are broke and her skull is cracked. Then I go to town to find a walker for Tommy. And while I’m gone he falls again, not hurt. Our pastor bring us gifts from the church and has prayer with us. Very long day, and I’m still fighting this cold/ sinus infection.

Tuesday 23, The hospice nurse came out to get Tommy’s vitals and stresses again about the meds and his BP. About 15 minutes after she leaves, a DSS Social Worker (Social Services)came to our door.(OK Lord I’m only one person.) First thing she say to me,”I told my boss before I even left the office that these charges would be unfounded. But by law I have to come out.” She said she was sorry about Tommy’s cancer and would pray for him and us. And she was really sorry to bother us, but she had to come out. She said the charges were unfounded and wish us a Merry Christmas and left. ( please say a prayer for the person who called them). At 4:30pm the hospice nurse called and Dr. Witt is back on the case and has ordered the drop Morphine immediate release, to be taken .25-.5 ml every 2 hours (before when he had the morphine it was .5-1 ml every hour). But we are very thankful to have it now.

Wednesday 24, Tommy got up really tired and with a little pain. Miss Jenny sent us a lot (I mean a lot) of apples and oranges, and so homemade clothes soap. Tommy just grinned from ear to ear when he seen all the bags of fruit. Thank you very much, Miss Jenny. Please give the boys a hug and kiss from us. This was kind of a very lazy day.

Thursday 25, I was up most of the night coughing which had Tommy up most of the night. Tommy had went out to check something on the truck, and while coming back up the stairs, his knees went weak, he fell to his knees, not hurt. I was there and helped him back up, then made him promise not to go back down without me, he said OK. So TJ and Tex when you get here I need you all to put a hand rail at the back steps, please. Another church brought us 3 Christmas dinners plates and a fruit basket this evening.

Tommy ate more dinner tonight, than he has eaten in a long time. I guess because it was his favorite: fried Chicken and liver, french fries and corn. It was so good to see him eat so much.

Friday 26, Then this morning when I woke up to give Tommy his 4 am pills, He said I already took them at 2 am. I said no you can’t do that, he just said sorry. Well at his 6 am pills, I noticed not all the pills were in the slot. So I asked him, he said some fell into the sink at 2 am. One of which was the 40mg pain pill that he can’t get again until 10am. So I am praying that his pain will be low until then. I can’t give him another 40mg, as the hospice keeps a count of all the pills, every time they come out. and now I’ll have to hide the pills from him.

It’s been a very long, hard week. But by God’s grace and mercy, we have made it through. He even threw in blessings along the way to bless us. Thank you Lord for watching out for us yet again. Thank you all for your prayers. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas.


This has been a very long, hard year for my family. But thank you Lord, you have seen us through it each step of the way, and have poured Your blessings out on us. Thank you Lord for all our friends and family, and all my Internet sisters who have become great friends to me.  Lord, please bless them all.


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The Surprise Guest and Family

Family left this morning, and Tommy is taking a nap. He did pretty good and he took a nap Saturday. When he need to rest he did. There was a few times he was nausea but did not get sick. Over all it was a wonderful weekend.

Here are some photos of our weekend:

This is Tommy’s surprise guest, Karen, his daughter who he has not seen in years. He had no idea she was coming. When she walked into the house, his mouth hit the floor. Then came the biggest smile ever. Thank you, Karen.


Tommy and Karen (daughter)



Saturday morning breakfast



TJ (son)  and Tommy cooking breakfast.


Tommy and TJ


Becky, Tommy, Brenda (TJ’s mom and Tommy’s ex-wife)



And as always out with the guns again. TJ and Tommielynn




Brenda taking a rest.



Tasha and Carl (her boyfriend, baby’s father)



Tommy, Karen, TJ



Tasha, Karen, Becky



Brenda cleaning the kitchen while everyone else is resting in the living room. I told Tommielynn to take her photo so I could show everyone my slaved labor for the weekend.  LOL  Thank you Brenda for all your help.



We all had a great weekend. Thank you very much TJ, Brenda, and Karen for coming and put so many smiles on Tommy’s face and some much laughter in the air. Thank you all to for all the blessings.

Have a great day, I am off for a nap.


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What’s going on here? 11/17/08

Here it was 28 this morning with frost. It’s been chilly here lately. I guess winter is here. I have make my first pair of baby socks, they are so little and cute. And I just started Tommielynn’s socks. Tommielynn is still trying to fight off a cold/sinus. She’s doing pretty good. She has made a new friend up the road, and has been spending some time up there with her. Which I think is great, as it gets her out of the house for a while. Someone has to be here with Tommy at all times (due to having to take pills around the clock and him being weak), which means when I have to run to town get his meds, etc: Tommielynn has to stay here with Tommy. She does not get out as much as before. Tasha tries to get her out of the house as much as she can, too. Thank you Lord for sending her a new friend.
Tommy has been sleeping a lot lately. But his pain is better and he’s not getting sick any more, but has had nausea. He says he’s really tired and weak and tired of both. He has been eating a lot of apples and oranges as he says they taste so good. At this point, I’ll give him anything he wants to eat. He does eat a little dinner but not much.

I have been taking naps and rest when I can. Sorry to say, I only do what has to been done in the house and on the farm. My house is a mess. But trying to do it all was not working well. So now I do what I can, and the rest is on hold until I get time. So when you come over just don’t look around to much. When Tommy’s up, I do nothing but spend time with him. I still have not gotten the bunk bed set put together or the sewing room done and ready for my daughter and company.

So those of you out there trying to be a super mom/wife, you had better slow down, and enjoy life more, one day at a time. Because the days and time pass to fast. I have learned this lesson the hard way. I can’t do it all.( boy, is that hard to say) I do what I can, and leave the rest to the Lord. Spotless house or time with my family and rest for me??? I guess I’m as hard headed as Tommy. (don’t tell him I said that or I’ll never hear the end of it.)

Thank you Melaine and girls for the wonderful dinner brought last night, and the smile you put of Tommy’s face with your hugs and smiles. And thank you for your prayers. Melaine told Tommy that her children pray nightly for him, hearing that really blessed us. Melaine, thank you very much for your friendship. I pray that God would bless your family to overflowing and fill you all with His peace.

Thank you all who have signed the guestbook at Caring Bridge Site for Tommy, as your comments have blessed Tommy and myself. Knowing so many of you really care and are praying for us is a wonderful blessing to us. Thank you for taking the time to pray for us and leave your comments saying so. May God bless you all to overflowing.

Very humbled and blessed,




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Updates – Tommy & Farm 11/7/08

(This post will be on my blogs and Caring Bridge, this time they’ll be the same as to save a little time this morning.) Sorry it’s been a few days; good, bad and busy.
First off Tommy:
( Wed.) Tommielynn and I came back from town to find: Tommy up and dressed, the hospice nurse and social worker here. And Tommy grinning from ear to ear. I asked him why? He said I got the tractor fixed while you were gone, and I needed my vit. D from the sun and it felt great. He looked wonderful and his smile was so bright. The hospice people were please with how he was doing today.  He did get sick twice before dinner, and was really tried this evening, but he was still smiling. Tasha  brought us KFC chicken for dinner, which he ate and keep down. 
(Thurs.) Tommy was really tried and hurting in his legs bad, and his nerves were bad again. He really enjoyed talking to everyone who called/ he called. He did not get sick at all. He is still riding his bike in the evenings.

Well I took my computer in Wednesday to see what was wrong with it. The guy said it had a very bad virus, that wiped out my computer. And this virus had hit hundreds of people so far. He could not find nothing left on it. Tommielynn and I just started crying. All of our family  photos, all my research for cancer, everything I had done for the last year, GONE. Tommielynn said what about the photos of my dad? The guy said they were gone. That hurt us both the most. When I told Tommy, he was in tears too. So the guy reinstalled what he could and installed avast antivirus and spybot on my computer(he said this is what he uses on his computers and it’s free from the Internet), and gave me a 4MG USB 2.0 Data Traveler to save my things to until I could buy a cd burner to save to. My cd only plays. (Does any one know how much information and photos I can put on 4MG?)
So any of you who I have personally e-mailed, Please send me a short e-mail so as I can get your address in the book again. This is why some of you have not heard from me.  And for our family, if you have photos please burn them to cd’s for us and send them, please. We have none left. I can’t save them until I get a CD burner.
I have only the photos on my blogs, which I am so very thankful for. Tommy was really worried about Caring Bridge too, I told him it was saved to the Internet. Which he did not understand, as he does not do computers. I told him it was still there. Which he and I are thankful for too. My best links where saved on my blogs too. Now I just have to refind all the others. So I have been trying to get the computer , Becky friendly again. So please bear with me. I will be posting more as I get this thing working again.

My daughter ,Tasha, came by Wednesday and told us we were going to be grand parents in about June.  Then she called last night and said her land lord wants her out by Dec. So back home she comes. We are happy to be grandparents, life happens. Just love and go on. So my sewing/computer room is getting yet another make over. I really need a bigger house. LOL  This will be my first grand baby. For those of you who are already grandmas, do you have any helpful hints?  Tommy swears it’s going to be a boy, and he was right about Tommielynn being a girl. So we will see if he is right again.

Well I had better get things moving this morning.
Hope you all have a blessed day.

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Thank you for recipes and prayers

Thank you all for the recipes. Yes, I do have a crock pot. I have printed off the recipes you left and Tommielynn is getting to pick out which one’s she wants for dinner, which she loves. They all sound so good. Thank you again.

Yesterday and last night were bad for Tommy. I updated Caring Bridge last night and will update it nightly now. Tommielynn finally accepted the fact that her dad is dying. She broke down last night. We have told her everything, every step of the way. Please say a prayer for her.

Thank you all for your prayers as they get us from day to day. And all your wonderful comments really touch my heart. To know some many people care and are praying for us is a wonderful feeling. Thank you all again. May God bless you all to overflowing.

Very thankful and humbled,



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My time here

It has been a rough few weeks here. Tommy has not been doing good. Hospice is now coming out twice a week. Please keep praying for him. And thank you for all the prayers that are going up now.

Ok, as for my time here writing post. I really enjoy all of you and writing posts. But I need to send as much time with Tommy as I can, taking care of him, etc. I will still be writing posts but I’m not sure now often. I will be checking in here as often as I can to answer your questions and writing posts. But now, it might take me a few days to do that. If you have not heard from me in a while, you can check here: Updates on Tommy’s Health. This is were I keep everyone up to date on Tommy’s health. I will post there more than here. As we have family and friends all over the USA and Canada. I hope you all will understand.


Wednesday, I made two batch of homemade ice cream for Tommy. It’s one of the few things he can keep down. And Tommielynn loves it too.

A friend, Beth, brought us two dinners yesterday. Oh what a great blessing. By dinner time I’m worn out. Poor Tommielynn has had cereal or bag noodles a few times these past few weeks. She was so thankful for the dinners, and Beth became her best friend when one of those dinners was chicken.

I have been (when Tommy is sleeping) redoing the sewing room. I have too rearrange it. So as to get the bunk bed set put in there. There is a twin top and a full bottom. Shawn, my son, is supports to come by soon and help me put it together. We will being having family and friends coming in, who need a place to sleep. With this set more people can stay here.

With the donations given here, we have been able to get the heater tanks refilled, and more. They have been such a wonderful blessing. Thank you again to all who gave; and those that could not give, thank you for your prayers. With out your prayers I/we would never make it through all of this. But with your prayers and by God’s grace, we are making it, one day at a time.

With this blog, God has brought such wonderful people into our lives, oh what a great blessing. And here I thought I was writing to help others, when really you all were/are helping me. Thank you.

God Bless you all,


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I’m still here

I need a few more days, then I’ll start posting again. Tommy has had a really bad week. Hospice upped his pain med’s and we have not found the right dose yet. So he has been in a lot of pain. I have had to keep calling doctors and the Hospice RN, giving them updates and trying new things.  Please keep praying for him.

This morning we were blessed with much needed rain.

Thank you for your prayers.

I’ll be back soon, I have really missed you all.




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