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Would you like to try NetFlix free for a month?

NetFlix sent me an e-mail with a coupon to forward to my friends and family. To try Netflix free for a month instead of just two weeks.  It expires 6/15/09 and it says quantities are limited.

So if you’d like to try this my friends, leave me a comment here with your e-mail and I’ll forward it to you ok. Free movies for a month and you can even watch on your computer.

A great way to check them out. We have had them now for about 5 months. It’s great and a few of my friends already have it and love it.


Grab your popcorn and drink,


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NetFlix verses Satellites

First a little background about us. We have a air antenna which gives us: ABC, NBC, CBS(free TV).  For the last ten years we have borrowed movies from the library and have seen all they have more than once.  If any of you have TV or satellites, you know that there is not really many “good” show.  And now that Tommy is home 24/7, he started watching soap operas and day time talk shows, as this was all we got. Tommy does not read, play cards, etc. All he knows is working with wood. He really has nothing to do while he is up during the day but watch TV. So I started looking into satellite and NetFlix. So he could watch something he liked and  what he enjoyed.

Here is what I found out:

Satellites ( looked into 2 different companies):  They wanted $99 for installation and hook up or sign up for two years. (I’m not fond of signing up for anything for two years. If something happens they charge you to stop early.) Both of their lowest plans where for 100 channels. I check on the channel line ups, was not happy. On both, we would of only watched about 4-5 of the channels. and this cost $35-$45 a month with no movie channels.  Needless to say we are not getting satellite.


NetFlix ( our choice): They had a free  offer for two weeks. Then we switched to 3 DVD’s  out at a time for $16.99 a month, unlimited. Along with this comes unlimited “Watch Instantly Movies and TV shows” , which can be watched on laptops and PC hooked to Internet. So this means with our 3 DVD plan, we can stream 3 different shows in at once. (We tried it on the laptop and PC, both had good pictures.) But Tommy can’t see the screens really well on the laptop and does  not want to sit in front of the computer screen. So NetFlix has a box you can buy to hook to your TV and Internet and “Watch Instantly”movies and TV shows. This box is $99, but it’s a one time price, and is your to keep, and can still be used if you move. NetFlix has a cancel at any time with no fees, and you can start back up with no fees.

If times really get hard, we can switch to a low plan which is: 1 DVD out at a time unlimited during month and  one stream to TV of the “Watch Instantly” movies and TV shows for $8.99 a month.  Or even cancel the service for a month or two and pick it back up when we can, with no fees!


Ok, I know some of you think this is a waste of money. But for our family is great. The old movies, TV shows etc., we can watch unlimited. Some of you will not have to buy the TV box as you can watch it from your PC or laptop. But Tommy’s eyes are not what they used to be. He can watch his war movies on the TV, Tommielynn can watch her kid shows on her PC, Tasha can watch her love stories on her laptop, everyone is happy.This TV box is a family Christmas gift this year. Everyone will get a few small things too.  No we do not spend all day watching TV. We no longer go to town and friends houses as before.  And having to stay home more because of Tommy’s health, we are watching a little more TV than before.

There are other devices that can to used to get NetFlix to your TV:

network Blu-ray player or even an Xbox 360.

We don’t have these so we bought the box.

How we save by getting the NetFlix and TV box:

  • gas going to town to rent or borrow movies, then returning them.
  • get to pick from 12,000 + movies and TV shows, including the oldies and goodies to watch on the TV and even more to be sent in DVD form to the house(free shipping both ways).
  • $16.99 for NetFlix a month instead of $35-45 for satellite(not much to watch here).
  • no late fees , or cancel fees
  • movies everyone likes, no fighting.
  • family movie night at a click of a button.

I know this is not for everyone. But take a look and try 2 weeks free and see. I read every page on their site, even the fine print. Because this is a lot of money when everyone is having hard times. I feel like I found a pot of gold, for our family. This is what’s best for us. 


I just thought to share what I found out. I really wish someone would of told me sooner.  Maybe someone can use this post. Hope you all have a great day.




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