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Farm Life – 9/29 – Photos

My son is coming over today to cover the roof vents up for the winter.  This is a blessing as Tommy can’t get up on the roof anymore and I really don’t like heights. My son will help do a few other things around here, to help us get ready for winter. But I think he just wants some of my cooking, you know he is still a growing boy.  

We here, are still out of gas (GA,TN,NC). And no one is sure when we will get some more.  We have a half a tank of gas, which should get us to town about 5-6 times. But I do not need to go to town for about a week. I really feel for those here, trying just to get to work. Tommy and I feel some place might close down for a while here, because of the gas. According to the News, it is just the southeast, USA. Ok, winter is not even here yet.  Lord, help us all.


 This truck gets 25+ miles to the gallon, while only on a good day did this truck get 10.

IMG_0021  IMG_0022


 My strawberry  patch/ raised beds garden is almost ready for winter. There are still a few more tomatoes, and the birds are almost done with the sunflowers. I covered the beds in straw for the winter. Strawberry plants will get covered after the first frost.



  My garlic is drying and I’m going to try braiding it this year.


 Our T-Bone steaks come out to about $.50 a pound. All the beef cuts and hamburger is about $.50 a pound. This prices includes all the feed we give them and the butchers prices to cut, wrap and freeze. Is it worth having a beef cow? YES. I know what my cows eat, and who they are bred to. We have had our own meat so long that when we eat out/ someone else house, their meat taste so bland and tough and no flavor. This is most likely why they come here to eat. Would you like to come to dinner, too?



We are not getting the building, a long story. But I thanked the Lord with tears in my eyes, for He knows what’s best for us.  1 Thess. 5:18 says “In everything give thanks…”. This is sometimes hard to do without tears. But I know He knows what’s best and does everything for our good.  I will not lean on my own understanding, but lean on Him.


One day at a time. One prayer at a time.




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This and That on the Farm – 9/24

This comment was left on ” I have a Friend” and it’s great and I wanted everyone to see it. Thank you Linda J.

“…if all things are in His hand, if the very hairs of our head are numbered; if every event, great and small, is under the direction of His Providence and purpose; and if He has a wise, holy and gracious end in view, to which everything that happens is subordinate and subservient;–then we have nothing to do, but with patience and humility to follow as He leads, and cheerfully to expect a happy issue….How happy are they who can resign all to Him, see His hand in every dispensation, and believe that He chooses better for them than they possibly could for themselves!” ~John Newton, who wrote the hymn, “Amazing Grace”

A friend of ours let us borrow his living weed eater, goat. We are trying to clear out an area, so the cows can have a little more room. This area used to be the goat pen,  then was a pig pen. Well, at about dusk the goat was running around the yard.  Our friend had always keep him on a chain and just moved him around as needed. So the goat does not really like people, he runs from them. Yet, all my animals run to me, which makes catching them so easy, except it gets a little hairy when you have a 900 lb.+ cow coming at you. OK, back to this goat on the run. He had broke his collar, no fixing it. We got him , and used a rope to hold him. While
I tried to find another collar. Ok, I live on a farm and have animal bottles of all sizes and shapes, and I thought every thing needed to run a farm.

But there was no collar on the farm. I had think of something as the goat would go through the fence with the cows in it, and it’s getting dark. Here is what I did, and goat was not to happy. I found a calf halter and put in on him. And yes it was big on him, Tommy had to cut another hole in it to get it as tight as we could. And let me tell you that goats can dance. He tried for over an hour to get it off.


Now for gas here. A friend called yesterday and said that our area was very low, or out of gas. One gas tanker was splitting the gas between 4 stations. For about 40 miles around us there is no gas. They are not sure when it’ll come in. When Tommy came home Monday, he said the gas station , less than a mile from home was out of gas, and the next station 6 miles up the road had a 10 gallon limit. So he filled up the truck. Which now I am thankful he did. With the new little truck, we can go to town 3 1/2 times in gas for what we only got 1 trip with the other truck. Thank you Lord. And thank you Lord the worry and fear bug had no hold this time, I had Your peace! And last nights News was not much better, but I got my peace.


I am having to get more creative. Here are some more of my new ways of saving money:

  1. I use freezer bags, but have not been washing them out and reusing them. ( don’t reuse the ones that have held meat in them. I use freezer paper for my meats.) But now I’m washing them out. I have seen those little bag drier stands, costing about $20+. I will not pay that. So at the thrift store I found a small set of Tinker toys for a $.25, and got them. And made my own bag drier and it sits on top of the drier. I’ll post a photo in a day or two.
  2. The AC was turned off in the food barn. And the windows were opened and a fan turned on. This will really drop the bill.
  3. I willing be making my own clothes soap this week.( will post photos later).
  4. Will start back making our own bread as a store loaf here is over $2.50.
  5. Even my 11 yr old daughter is getting creative, she has 3-4 new grilled cheese ways.
  6. Tommy is getting up some fire wood. Not knowing what this winter will bring, we are preparing for the worse and praying for the best. We do not have a wood heater but I will be able to cook. The cooking/heating gas has already gone way up and winter is not here yet.
  7. I am making everyone wool house socks. Our floors are so cold in the winter. And the heat this year will be keep on low. I guess I will not be able to wear shorts in the house this winter. And I’m looking into getting my daughter sweat suits to wear to bed this winter, as she does not like to cover up or likes to kick them off.
  8. Water- We have a 425 gallon tank in our back yard. ( I need to change the water below winter) You can save any bottles you have and fill with water. The bottles that had soaps of some kind in it, fill with water, they can be used to wash dishes, hands, etc. Other bottles for drinking/ cooking water. And the bottles can be stuck anywhere it does not freeze. Fill bottles almost full and let freeze, to put in coolers for when power out.

We were blessed this week, when a family up the road was moving out. Tommy trade a few ladders, transit, air compressor for a 12′ X 16′ building. They could not move it on the highway, but can be moved to our house. It is dried in, has a roof, a small loft in it, cedar siding almost done on the outside. It is so nice, looks like a little cabin. Well Tommy said I could have it. He had a  trailer frame  here in which to make me one, but this one is so close to done and the trade was good for both of us. The family could not take it, but needed the tools. The Lord is so good. It will be a sewing/ guest house. I can’t wait to get it here so as I can fix it up the way I want. You see, we rent so I can’t fix up much here. But the new little house is mine, oh what fun I am going to have. We’ll put the bunk bed set we just got ( twin on top and full on bottom, which slides up to make like a couch.) The loft will be great for all the kids to sleep. They are pulling it down here this coming Saturday.


I have to go to town today to get food and feed. Boy, I sure hate going to town. I don’t need much, but I really need the animal feed. So I’ll get the few other things I can’t make. Like bath paper, sugar, oil, goat collar. I have been reading others post about the prices of everything going up, so I’m glad my list is short. Anyone know how to make bath paper? I’m willing to try it.


Well I better get going and see what great deals can be found in town today.

May you all have a blessed day,






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Just found out- a 10 gallon limit on GAS here

I just called around here GA/NC gas prices are now $4.99 a gallon with a limit of 10 gallons. This is only for the high grade as they can no longer get the 87 and 89 grades.  What’s gas prices where your at? You better call and see. Min. Wage here is a little over $6. Just thought I let you know.Becky


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