Becky's Farm Life

The simple life, living off God's land, one day at a time.

Life is full of changes, new paths, new ways. 

Terry and I did get married in 2012. We are empty nesters for last year and a half, and loving it. Nana has more grand babies. I work as a cashier for a local store, and really enjoy it. I will not try and update you on everything in this post.(But a little here and there). We live in the city, but really just right out side the city limit, haha.

My life has changed so much over the years. But life comes in stages and with each stage comes changes. Some of the changes are good and accepted, and then you have changes that are not so good and not easily accepted.  My biggest change lately is I turned 50 last year, boy that really snuck up fast. Which is really not bad but it does have side effects that are not easily accepted!! Snap, crackle, pop, nap time, new bedtime before 9pm, energy (what’s that) oh my this getting older was really over rated, really it was. Some of you know of which I speak. I am still kicking just not as high, haha. So here I go into my next stage of life.

I am not doing any of the farm life to date. I am looking forward to getting chickens again, hopefully this year. I do still keep foods\papers stocked.I still but in bulk, I know it’s just the two of us, but somethings are still cheaper in bulk.  I do make my our laundry soap, and have used it for about a year now, the saving is so worth it. I do miss my farming products and life.But for now I am enjoying this life. I have had a lot of first times over the last few years, and so enjoying them. Like camping, eating at a dinner theater, rodeo, fried rice, my very first paid vacation(40 hours paid), going to waterfalls around us, and so many more. Now that I work outside the home there is not enough time to do the garden and all the animals. But maybe again someday.

I have brought along some of my old ways, learned some new ways and trying to learn more each day.

Life is really short, laugh more and love much.

Becky’s Farm Life Brought to the City

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