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Helping Each Other In These Hard Times

  The last few days I have gotten an insight into those around me. At times when we are going through our own hard times, we don’t look around and see. And we all are bad for this, even me.  I live in a small neighborhood were most are on fixed incomes or are low income; older people, families with children. The Lord has opened my eyes to those around me. One family has 10 kids, 3 grandbabies, and 3 adults (only one car that holds 4); another an older blind man with his older sister living together (just to make ends meet, both their cars are in need of repair). These families are having car troubles too, along with me. So I have put together kind of a neighborhood car help. We  have agreed to call each other when we HAVE to go to town, to see if the others need anything or a ride to town. We all live about 20-30 minutes from town, and no one goes to town for fun. I am praying this will work for us all. All the cars are on their last legs and some have stopped working.  Hopefully taking turns going to town will save gas money along with car wear and tear. We as a neighborhood, have been trading things around with each other. We have become a closer people. We all have a way to help others along. Look around you, really look, who can you help today. It does not have to cost money, most times it’s just your time. Can you pick up something in town for them? If you don’t have something they need, do you know someone who might? Sometimes they just need an ear, someone to listen without judging them. How can you help?

  This winter is going to be harder than last winter. People have by now used up all the saving they did have. Some may have gotten jobs by now, but now they are trying to pay off back bills and the new bills are still coming in. More and more people rich and poor are having a hard time just with life’s have too (rent, power, food). They have already given up the extras, and still have a hard time with the musts.


So this week coming see if you can help at least one person/ family with something? The Lord does not aloud us to help ourselves but help others. May you all have a great week.

God bless you all,



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  1. It sounds like you are either adding to your family or creating a village. I wish you the best this coming year. BTW congrats grandma 🙂 enjoy.

    Comment by kelsomom | July 6, 2009 | Reply

  2. Thank you. That is how we all should live. Sometimes we just need someone to remind us.

    Comment by Linda | July 6, 2009 | Reply

  3. Becky,
    You are the kind of neighbor we all would like to have and need to be ourselves.
    Keep in touch.
    Mrs. Olson

    Comment by Debbie Olson | July 8, 2009 | Reply

  4. Isn’t this good old fashioned “Common Sense?” My mom and sister live 30 miles from town and they always go back and forth picking up things for each other. Same thing happens when I head out to see them. I pick up what they need. Nice that you include the neighbors. A quick phone call can be a God send some days.

    Comment by Sheila Smith | July 13, 2009 | Reply

  5. Hi Sheila,
    Hope all is well at your end. Have a great day.

    Comment by Becky | July 20, 2009 | Reply

  6. If we all thought like this, this world would be a better place……….I try to think this way as well………..I put up 75 percent of what we eat……….My son and I both hunt and we fill our two freezers………….of which I empty every year because I like it fresh………I start rotating my food when I start putting up new and have learned to give it to people who need it…..and I wouldn’t want to give them old stuff……I can a lot………Today I canned 18 jars of potatoes…………..and that’s why I found this site………..I had extra so took two messes of potatoes to two friends and some cold watermelon to one of them who was on her lunch break…………..Yesterday I took two boxes of food to the older man who used to help me in my yard (I can’t afford to pay him any more.) ………I am on disablity with my back and my son is in a wheelchair from spina bifida and has had major surgery over 50 times……………and lost his leg last fall but its completely healed now (for the first time in 15 years………..)………….I have two more children that are on their own……………they are both school teachers, but one has lost her job this year……….and the other one is about to have a hip replacement on Monday………………I dont’ even know why I’m putting this on here…not for pity for sure…………..but it does help to know that beleiving friends are praying when you need some help………………….

    Comment by Janis | July 14, 2011 | Reply

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