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Gabby – Winter – Preparing

  Well, I love being a Nana. Gabby is doing great. She sleeps at times up to 5 hours. And only really cries when it’s time to eat or we change her diaper. She has kept us on our toes. 🙂

  I need your help. I am looking for a knitted soaker pattern ( cloth diaper cover). A friend gave us some all in one cloth diapers, but I have a lot of the old cloth diapers so I need the soakers for them. And I’m getting ready to start knitting my first sweater (baby sweater). For some reason I have a fear of knitting a sweater. So someone said to start with a baby sweater. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  The farm is doing good. The house is ok, I rather spend time with Gabby than clean. 🙂 TommieLynn and I are getting ready for school to start, and looking forward to something new. So we have been busy.

I am still looking for new ways to stretch money and make more things at home. More people are cutting back on extras ( turning off: cable, phones-home and cell, internet, etc.) and winter is not here yet. And I have just started preparing for winter. Having put so much information on stocking up and preparing last year on this blog, I am not sure what else is need. So if you don’t tell me what you need, I  will just write about what I am doing now and about things that come to mind.

 Things I need to make/do before winter:

*knit: soakers, baby sweater, house socks for all

*cut and sew more napkins/tissues/baby wipes

*keep a check at thrift stores for wool sweaters on sale, to take a part to make wool socks and soakers. Most times I can get a wool sweater for $1 and it will make 2 pairs of socks plus. And flannel sheets to turn into  napkins/tissues/baby wipes.

*look for ideas/items for Christmas gifts ( that time of year again)

*looking for sales at the grocery stores to keep stocked up. I only buy items on sale. I need to get stocked up on bath paper(not using homemade yet, but can use the flannel napkins if needed).

*need more fire wood. I have a small stock from downed trees in yard. I’ll use for an outdoor fire for cooking if needed, power goes out and I’m out of gas. If not needed, will use for fun fires( roasting hot dogs and marshmallows in the summer).

*I am sure there is more to do but I’ll start here.

 Ways I save money:

*I try really hard to go to town no more than once a week, it was every two weeks. But with Gabby doctor appointments it’s once a week now.

*Hang clothes outside to dry. Wash in cold water. Wash only full loads of clothes..

*Turn off everything not being used. TV’s, computers, etc. Lower hot water temperature. This has dropped my power bill by over $70 a month.

*When we do go out to eat- have to have a coupon.

*Only buy on sale items.

*See if I can make it before buying it. Even better, can I do without it.

I’m off to see what I can get into today.

Happy 4th of July. Have a great weekend.


July 4, 2009 - Posted by | economic situation, family, food storage, knitting, making do, saving money, self sufficiency, Stocking up, winter


  1. Becky –
    Thank you! Once again you have gotten me in the “preparation” mood! I really have a lot of things I need to do to prepare for winter and the sooner I get started on them, the better.

    Things to do before winter:
    1. Get rid of my son’s broken twin bed. Replace it with a queen sized bed. At age 21 and the height and weight of a “big and tall” man, he has really outgrown the twin sized bed.
    2. Work on my son’s denim quilt. Since he is moving up to a queen sized bed the twin sized denim quilt I made him a few years ago just won’t do!
    3. Take my winter quilt to the laundromat and wash it. It won’t fit in my washer and dryer.
    4. Inventory my pantry, my dehydrated food and my freezer.
    5. Stock up all food storage areas.
    6. Inventory my linen closet for over the counter meds and toiletry supplies
    7. Stock up the linen closet
    8. Make napkins from the old twin sized sheets.
    9. Make up my mixes to restock my kitchen pantry (home made good seasons, brownie mix, muffin mix, shake n bake, taco seasoning, etc.)
    10. Inventory my “stored clothing”. I keep a box of “new” clothing under my bed. In it I usually have at least one package of undies, one or two bras, jammies, socks, polo shirts, jeans. These items were bought at the LOWEST price possible (end of season) and will be used to replace worn out items over the next year.
    11. Restock my “stored clothing” with end of season bargains.
    12. Have my heating system checked before the heater is needed.
    13. List and sell items on Craigslist and BluJay. My oven is currently not working right and I need a new one. But I want to pay cash. So I need to save as much money up as quickly as I can. Any money that comes into the house from “trickle incomes” will go toward the new stove.
    14. Try to work a bit more on my “trickle incomes”…Craigslist, BluJay, MyPoints (for gift cards), Swagbucks (for gift cards or PayPal money), surveys (for cash or gift cards), Freecycle (for needs around the house), free samples, coupons.
    15. Possibly have a garage sale to get rid of items I no longer need and generate a bit of cash.

    Things to save money:
    1. Reuse my coffee grounds by adding only one scoop to the old grounds in my one cup coffee maker. I save one scoop of coffee and one filter every other day.
    2. Walking barefoot or in slippers around the house. This saves the wear and tear on my shoes. I am on my third summer for the same pair of “everyday” shoes and I hope to make them last one more year (at least). Slippers are much cheaper to wear out than shoes!
    3. Using up ALL of my leftovers. What goes down the garbage disposal is wasted money!
    4. Putting all change into my change jar. That money is my “true” emergency money. It is all rolled every couple of months and the rolled coins sit in a box in my closet. Those rolled coins are here if I truly NEED them, but I would have to be in pretty dire straits in order to take a roll of coins to the bank to cash in for paper money! There isn’t much, but at least enough to buy one grocery order!
    5. Rewearing my clothes a second time (when cleanliness permits).

    Comment by Linda | July 5, 2009 | Reply

  2. It is hard to think about winter when it is 98 degrees today! So I thank you ladies for helping me see I need to be months ahead of the game. Trying to prepare for hard times is a new journey for me and I have learned much from you Becky. I believe I have read every word on your blog at least three times. Maybe I am slow…but every time I learn something new! 🙂 I would say just remember there are “newbies” that find your blog every day so we need to know the simple things that you probably take for granted. I have several recipes for making bread but when I tried one of them the loaf would have made a good brick. I know it takes practice to make bread or biscuits but any words of wisdom would be great!
    Ms Gabby is lucky…she will learn from the best.

    Comment by Pam | July 5, 2009 | Reply

  3. Here are two knitted cover patterns I have had bookmarked.

    Click to access wool_diaper_cover_en.pdf

    Comment by Jessi | July 12, 2009 | Reply

  4. Thank you all for the sites. Now I just need to pick one. 🙂

    Comment by Becky | July 20, 2009 | Reply

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