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A deep breathe-some tears-a lot of Prayers

Well it’s been a long week. This is what’s been going on:

*Took my truck in, it was not acting right. Well I now need a new engine. The engine will last 2 days – or 6 months or maybe a year. Cost if they can find a used engine $1,800.00. Ok Lord, let’s watch and see what You do. I need to sell the tractor to pay for the engine.

*The man came and put a new glow bar in my gas stove. While he was testing it, the safety switch would not shut off. Now I’m not to use the stove at all until it’s fixed, this Tuesday or Wednesday. Cost $250.00 for safety switch, glow bar was $166. The Lord sent someone to buy a hand gun I have which will pay the the safety switch. Thank you Lord. Now I’ll have a new stove, which will cost more than a brand new one.

I am glad I have a grill and a two eye gas stove outside.

*Well I had the stove man check the washer and dishwasher while he was here, ( so I would not have to pay another service call fee). The washer needs the arms that hold the tub in place. And the dish washer needs a sprayer bar. But they are cheap and he’ll bring them out with the safety switch. Thank you Lord. I’m taking very deep breaths with a few tears.

*Then I go out to mow the grass, I have 2 push mowers. To start, the best one, I had to turn on it’s side to get a string that was around the blade. Well when I set it back up right there was oil on the ground. So this house wife went and got a quart of oil to refill it. Would you not do the same? Well it took the whole quart. I started it up and mowed for about 10 minutes and the thing started smoking really bad. So I shut it off and called a guy. Did you know a push mower is Not supports to have a whole quart of oil? I didn’t. So he tells me to drain it. I ask, How? He said there’s a plug, or tip it again to drain it out. Well I looked and looked, could not find a plug, so I tipped it again. I got the right amount of oil in it. And mowed for an hour, and it stopped working. Ok Lord thank you I have another mower. So I go get it going, and mow another hour when it dies. Ok Lord, this yard really needs mowing. So inside I go to rest and cry a bit. I go back out and try that mower again, it starts. Thank you Lord. I mow another hour and it stops yet again. Then it dawns on me, the mower stops when it’s hot.  Sure enough I go back out when it cools off and it starts. Thank you Lord. Then I have to turn it off to take a phone call. I go back out and I don’t have the strength now to pull the cord to start it. Ok Lord, no more mowing today. Will this mower or mowers start again today? I am praying hard they will.

*The closet that holds the hot water heater has a hole in the floor to the ground. The main bathroom floor has dropped 2 inches. The landlords just left and they said they’d fix it tomorrow. Thank you Lord. While they were here they treated all the ant hills in the yard. Thank you Lord. They said all their rentals were having the same problems with ants.

Things I learned:

*I have also learned I do not have enough hands to do all that needs doing. Yard is clean – house a mess or yard a mess and house clean. I have to find the middle ground somewhere. Please Lord.

*A push mower does not need a whole quart of oil. And you need  good arm muscles to keep starting them.

*The Lord always sends people to help you in His time.

*Prayer is so much better than worrying. Worrying never fix a thing, while prayer fixes everything.

*Tears are good, they clean your eyes and heart.

*There is always something good to be found in the bad things that happen. In ALL things give thanks. I forgot to do this with the mowers and stove. And the Lord will still work everything out for my good.

Thank you Lord for Your mercy and grace.

Well let’s see what happens today on the farm.

Have a great day and God bless you all.


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  1. Tommilynn is old enough to cut the grass if you start the mower for her. I’ve been doing it since I was 12. You are trying to do too much yourself. I know you home school, but she will understand that she needs to help more. She can help clean the house and do laundry too. Her Dad is looking down from heaven to guide her.

    Comment by Sheila Smith | May 12, 2009 | Reply

  2. Sounds like that old devil is trying real hard to get you to lose it. Just keep looking up and praising Jesus. And when thinks are not going well say “Get behind thee Satan”.
    Your doing great even if you don’t realize it. Also, if your daughters help around the house you might all have some time to do fun things. You don’t have to do it all…

    Comment by Pam | May 12, 2009 | Reply

  3. It is so hard to thank God when things are going wrong, but He has a purpose and a reason for everything. Sometimes I think it’s just to remind us that we have to lean on Him, and Him alone.

    You are in my prayers, Becky!

    Comment by arksoaper | May 13, 2009 | Reply

  4. Hello Becky-Hugs to you. I have finally come to the point in my life where I don’t feel like I have to do everything myself, or all at once or that it has to be done perfectly. (I suppose I could if I never wanted to sleep or relax or do anything fun.) I’ve just decided that like you, in the summertime, it’s my house or my yard because I can’t keep on top of everything that needs to be done either. So the lawn gets mowed, the flowers and garden weeded and the house has more clutter and dust/dirt than in winter. But in between time I have time to spend with my familly or my dogs and even when I do weed, it’s relaxing. It’s a good time spent outside with dirt in my fingers and talking to the Lord. You can talk to Him about anything and He’s always there to listen. Talk to friends, too. Sometimes in conversation, they have or know of someone who could possibly look at your lawnmowers or maybe they would have a stove (or whatever) that they have no need for anymore and just want someone to take it off their hands. My girlfriend got a stove for $100 this way. Just a thought. We have freeze warning tonight in the Dakotas. Hope it’s finally warm and staying warm where you are. You can do it. I bellive in you. Take care, Hugs, Marlys

    Comment by Marlys | May 15, 2009 | Reply

  5. Thinking about you this morning and hoping to read a good post from ‘ya. Hope you are doing well. I’m sure you are super duper busy. Write when you can.

    Comment by Georgene | May 31, 2009 | Reply

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