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Ok, Let’s Try It Again

   First off, thank you all for your prayers. I am still kicking, just had a few bad days. (almost a pity party) Funny how easy it can sneak up on you.  For a few days, I felt like I was in a black hole and could not get out, and at times did not want out. You all know how your mind can play games with you. But the sun has come back out and the black hole is gone.  Thank you Lord. So I am going to try  again and get this blog going with more posts.

   I dropped my power bill by: turning off lights and use them only at night when it’s dark or work is being done, using the small night lights in hallway and bathrooms ( no need turning on all those lights when the night light works fine), now I do turn the bathroom light on to take a shower, the cow fence charger was taken down( it used power), unplugged the extra ice box, turned off the water heater during the day and off after showers, TV-VCR-computers etc are plugged into a power strip that turned off when not in use, no dryer (not using it to dry wash cloths like before about once a week, now I use homemade wash cloths and napkins so we are talking about almost 50 cloths to hang up.), do one load of dish in the dishwasher a day (no more- different glass every time you get a drink).

   My gas stove is getting fixed this Thursday, no more store bread. It went out months ago, and I have been using the small toaster oven. But it’s not big enough for bread. And the bread prices keep going up and up along with everything else. It’s a bit of money to get it fix. But I also see it as saving more money as I will be able to cook more at home. Boy we sure do miss my oatmeal cookies.  🙂 I have saved up to get it fixed. And can’t wait to get it back in working order. 

   TommieLynn’s male hamster got got last week. For three days he had freedom. Then this morning the female hamster was not in her cage when I woke up. Her and her 7 babies gone. I don’t mind telling you think twice and then think again before getting hamsters. Well her freedom did not last as long as his, only a few hours. Thank you Lord. And the kittens keep coming, now we are up to 14 kittens, 1 more cat due any day. Anyone need a great mouse cat, they are free. My cows were so much easier than these hamsters.  LOL

   It’s going on it’s second week of rain every day. Today it only rained this morning. My grass is almost knee high but it’s still to wet to mow and it’s supports to rain the rest of this week. So I have not even been able to do any garden work. My garden does not need to be that big this year as my food barn and freezers are still full. But we do need a few things. I am so thankful I started stocking up when Tommy told too, almost 2 years ago now.

   The jobs are still very few in this area. More and more people losing jobs and homes. And more are having their power turned off. More are growing gardens, and more are trying new ways of doing things to stretch their money. At times it’s overwhelming to see the way this world is going. But I’m ready for home.

   I have been making homemade popsicles out of kool-aid and juice, an quick snack.  I have the cream in the freezer for homemade  ice cream when it gets a little hotter. I am still stretching my meats at dinner, and having eggs at dinner as we have so many eggs. Sometimes just sandwiches. Trying very hard to buy less and less from the store, most of the time I do great. There are times when I do buy what I call extras/just because things. So far we are doing good. When KFC chicken sends out great deals with coupons on buckets of chickens, I get them and pack in meal size freezer bags. It a fast meal and better than the frozen box chicken. Does not happen often, but it’s a treat too. When we do go out to eat, we use coupons or no go. Have you all seen more then usual  coupons coming out in the mail? Some are great deals. Right now here, KFC has a 2 piece meal deal out for $2.00. I know fast food is not good for you, but sometimes you just need to get out, a night off.

   I need your help, ok. I have some many black ant hills in my yard it’s no long funny. Every other step, is a step into a ant hill and they are in my raised bed garden too. I have never seen so many. How can I get rid of them as they are now trying to come into the house??? They are breeding faster than rabbits and rats.  HELP !!

   I am still feeling my way through this new life, one day at a time, by God’s grace I/we will make it.





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  1. I enjoyed your post. I’m needing to find as many ways as I can to save money. Our income dropped $1,000 dollars a month since December. God has met our needs and above. He is so good to us. But, I’m still needing to find more ways to cut expenses. My grocery bill is down to under $200.00 a month. We get help from our church food pantry. I’m making cloth mini-pads and baking/cooking from scratch. I would love to know what you would recommend to stock up and cut back on less money. I don’t have extra money to stock up at this point. God bless you!

    Comment by Georgene | May 6, 2009 | Reply

  2. Becky, We don’t use any poisons at our place, so I can only tell you the safe ones I have gathered over the years.

    I have heard that you can drown the ants by pouring 3 gallons of boiling water into the mound.

    We don’t really have an ant problem here, (Thank God!) but we have used food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) around the veggie garden for slugs. You have to make sure it is food grade, not the stuff used in swimming pool filters. Also, you have to be careful in applying it, because it will also kill honeybees and ladybugs. Once it gets wet, you have to reapply, so it can get expensive if you have a lot of treating to do. Here in NE Ohio, food grade DE costs about $15 for a 50 pound bag. We had to ask the farm co-op to order it for us.

    Another person told me she digs up one mound and puts it on top of a second mound. Then lets the two mounds fight it out. She keeps repeating this until she is down to one ant mound and then she puts 1/2 cup of Borax on the last mound.

    We’re on a pretty tight budget here, so I think I’d go with the boiling water. We’re not buying the DE anymore, and I’m saving my Borax for making laundry detergent! 😀

    Good luck with the ants. I have been reading your blog for quite a white. We have lifted you and your family up in prayer ever since your dear husband went to be with the Lord.

    Comment by Laura | May 8, 2009 | Reply

  3. Hi Becky!!
    I’ve been looking at your pages for quite some time now. I’m so sorry about your Tommy. As good of hands as he was in down here, he’s definitley in better hands now. There are no better hands then the Lord’s that’s for sure. Anyway, I’m so sorry I’ve been such a lurker. I must say, that you just amaze me and I admire your stamina and the way that you learn to do so many things all by yourself. You are a special woman Becky!!
    Now about those hamsters. Both of my sons had hamsters. Unfortunatly we ended up with 17 hamsters. We kept them divided up into several cages. You probably know this already but just in case here goes: Hamsters are cute but are horrible, little canibals. If more then one is in a cage it is quite likely they will start fighting. I came home from work one day and found massive massacre amongst the hamsters, with bits and peices (legs and eyeballs) strewn all over the place. It was so gross and sad too. Best try to keep those little stinkers separated, when they get older or find them homes quick before the carnage begins. Haha!!!
    PS- Ours got out once and lived amongst the springs in our living room couch for months. Didn’t want to rip the couch apart to get the little bugger out. I imagine he was one smug and self important rodent knowing that he eluded us for so long. Finally caught him and that was the end of his trailblazing days in the couch springs.

    Comment by Angie | May 8, 2009 | Reply

  4. Becky – it’s so good to see you posting again. 🙂 You’ve been missed!!

    On the ants – I’ve mixed up peanut butter, borax, and a smidgen of brown sugar and used as ant bait in the past. Every ant in the county will come visit, take it back to the nest, and hopefully wipe out the whole clan.

    I’ve also read that dry grits or cornmeal will kill them. I fought ants all last summer and even through the winter – they made a nest in one of our walls. We tore the wall out recently when we were adding new insulation and it looked like one of the plagues of Egypt boiling out of there. LOL Hopefully one of the suggestions posted will help get rid of yours. 🙂

    Comment by arksoaper | May 8, 2009 | Reply

  5. The above suggestions are good ones! I can verify that dry grits will kill them; it’s the same concept as “don’t give an alka-seltzer to the seagull” – once they eat the grit, it sucks up all the liquid in their digestive system and kills ’em. I came across today that you can sprinkle an even layer of ground cinnamon and the ants won’t go across it, or that you can use sprigs of spearmint. The smell confuses them, so they stay away – this one was touted as especially helpful if there’s someplace you want to have them avoid, like if they’re trailing into the house, or around outside animals food dishes.

    I just found your blog today, and I’ll be praying for you and your family. God bless 🙂

    Comment by bethanial11 | October 13, 2010 | Reply

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