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Not always easy being a women

Yesterday we got the first of Tommy’s ER and hospital bills — $5,246.25, $43.00, $220.00. That’s a lot of money, and I know that there are morning coming. Show us the way, Lord.

Tommy got up about 11 am. And I got ready to go to town. In town I got : 100lbs gas tank refilled $70 ( both were filled at the first of the month- one ran out in 7 days due to the cold weather, so I need another tank to make it the rest of the month.), picked up 4 of Tommy’s meds ( one was the cough pills and the pharmacist was a little up set that the new hospice was making us pay for breathing meds. So he dropped the price down to half – 60 pills- 15 days- $25. Thank you Lord. The other pill was for his sinus $11.52.); picked of meds for Tasha from our old drug store( she opened the bag when i got home and found on the bottle that they owed her 12 pills more, she was up set. Tommy and I told her that’s why we changed, it was costings we to much to go to town twice to get 1 whole med filled.) : at Family Dollar, I got 4- 2liters of sprite (which had a coupon saying “buy 3 sodas and oreo’s cookies and get $2.00 off.” you kids know my love for oreo’s, so I checked there price- $2.25. OK, I got my cookies for 25 cents, what a blessing and a treat.) : then went to the feed store and got 200 lbs of feed, ( the ladies working there know I buy seed potatoes this time every year, so they tell me they only have a few of my kind left and the next order they place the prices go up. So I paid for my feed and charged to my account 50lb bag of seed potatoes until the first of the month, the bag was $15.75, so at least I had one bag for now.) : At the thrift store I found 4 new looking bras for 25 cents each, 3- mine and 1 for Tommielynn: then picked up a few groceries.

When I got home, I called up the road to a friends house and asked if her husband could help me unload the 100lb tank off the truck. He came down and unloaded it for me. Another blessing.

Then while I was unloading feed and putting it up, a man (which was here days ago, wanting to buy my chickens, I said no then). While he asked me how much I wanted for my chickens. I told him again I was not selling my chickens. He said, well I talked to Tommy earlier today and he told me to come out this evening. ( Well Tommy had told me he talked to him while I was in town, and that he’d told him he’d have to talk to me about it. Tommy has always let me handle the buying and selling of farm things. Even if the older farmer men don’t like dealing with women that know what they are talking about. Some have just left the farm when Tommy tells them to talk to me.) Well back to this man, he then asks to buy my young roosters and again I tell him no. Then he asks to buy my yard wagon, no. Then he wants to buy my meat bull because he looks so good, NO. He said, you can’t take care of him with Tommy down. OK, now my blood is really starting to boil. As calmly as I could I said, I have been taking care of this farm and bull cows for many year now, and I’m the one that got that beef bull to look good. He just shook his head and started walking around the yard again. He came to the camper shell Tommy had made for the back of the big truck, and asked to buy it, NO> Then he wanted our blue small tractor/ mower, NO. He said, What are you going to do with it? Well I said my yard still needs to be mowed. He asked if I did it, to this he has gotten his first yes. Now he sees the big farm tractor and asks about it. I tell him it’s $2000 with everything. He asks how low I’ll go. i told him it was not leaving the yard for under $2000. He was not happy and thought a minute and said, You know that tractor will tip over easy with you driving it. I said no it would not because I didn’t drive it. So he says then let me have it for under $2000. My lady manners are starting to leave my body. I said no, it would sit under cover until someone had $2000. Then he walks right back to my young roosters and asks to buy them again as I don’t need 5 roosters– ANOTHER NO. I tell him Tommy’s up and watching TV, why not go in and say hi as you are his friend. He said , no I have to go. thank you Lord, he’s leaving. As he is getting in his car, he asks again to buy my silky chicken and buffs. I take a really deep breath and say no yet again.

I go into the house to tell Tommy. He just said I handle him well just like I always handle farm business with old men. I told Tommy I was so very close to losing it and so very mad. I asked him if I had a “dumb” sign on my chest. “No”, he said, “some old men are that way. And that they think you will sell things cheap now that they all know I’m dying.” I asked Tommy to pray for me to have wisdom to handle these men now and in the future. He said he would but I was doing a great job now. I don’t feel that way at all. I know I’m not the kind of women these old farmer men are used to, but I’m not dumb and stand my ground. Over the years now, a few have really gotten ticked off when I showed, I knew what I was talking about or how they were wrong about something they were selling, and me knowing the fair price. I have fought these kind of men for years now, but today’s takes the big prize. There really needs to be more women farmers. I’m praying this man does not come back — for his sake. Now I do have to give credit to a few old farmers, who once they found out I knew what I was talking about , we all became great friends.

The lady at the feed co-op said today that more and more young people, then ever before, are coming in to get garden supplies and asking about how to grow gardens.


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  1. Becky,
    I’ve been following your site for about six months now. I stumbled on it via Hillbilly Housewife. I,like many,have been gleaning how to stretch our dollars. Your honesty,creativity, passion,and willingness to share your life…joys, struggles, etc. have drawn me to make your site my home page….to learn from, and pray for you and your family daily.
    Many days I’m amazed (God is so Good!)at what you have shared and how it has ministered to me, in what I may be struggling with and learning about. Today was another of those days and I felt the need to let you know. It started today with your title “not always easy being a women”. Right now I’m doing a study on Esther by Beth Moore…it’s title “Esther: it’s tough being a woman. I felt lead to share some of it with you.
    1) its tought being a woman in another woman’s shadow (Esther 1). Without Vashti, we’d have no Esther, sometimes, in the hiddeness(of life struggles), God builds a woman she’d never otherwise become.
    2)it’s tough being a woman in a world where beauty is a treatment (Esther 2). Praise God for a King who gives a woman dignity instead of taking it. Our God views women with purity, not sensuality..Isaiah 61:10
    3)it’s tough being a woman in a mean world (Esther3).Meaness always has a history (ie. the Amalekite and the jews) Meaness perceives a threat. (2Cor.10:12). Meaness catches like a virus (passed down and around -generation to generation).Dear One, He who delivered you from a Pharoah can deliver you from any Haman. Remember who you are.
    I have a good friend, who whenever I share the not so good things that take place, she says “That sucks!” She’s right some things just suck, but it’s how we handle those things that set us apart, and today you were set apart and handled things well.


    Comment by Deborah | February 19, 2009 | Reply

  2. Sounds like you handled things well! Bless your heart! Just hold your ground and they will soon learn you mean what you say! God Bless!

    Comment by Wendy | February 19, 2009 | Reply

  3. You are a saint to have put up with this man. I think Tommy’s right about the creep trying to take advantage of the current situation. I love how you stuck to your guns. He was pretty thick headed.I believe if you looked under his cap “STUPID” was tattooed on his forehead. Word should get around that Becky is “Keeping her stuff,” and not to pester her. You are doing a great job!

    Comment by Sheila Smith | March 9, 2009 | Reply

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