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Hands have been full But I’m still blessed

Life has been full lately. Tommy has been having a hard time with pain: Hopefully this is straighten out now. I have been sick for 3 weeks now, and last Thursday I went and got an antibiotic.  And I have been doing only the “have to” chores. The farm is doing good. The girls are fine. The weather does not know what it wants to do- one day cold, next day warm. 


I sure have miss you all. Hopefully I can get back here now and read up on what everyone has been up too. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. Our Christmas was good. Tommy got a tractor book, he has wanted for a while. TommieLynn got a small MP3 player, which she loves. We had a quiet day.


Tommy is still enjoying NetFlix. He said last night that he finally figured out the remote control.  And loves the fact he no longer has to watch commercials.


Scott and Ann came up again for a few days. And they helped out around here. Thank you both very much for your help. And for putting a smile on Tommy’s face.


This is from Caring Bridge site this morning.

Good Morning everyone,

I’m sorry it’s been so long but it’s been a long week. OK here goes:

Friday 19, Three people came out from hospice and talked to Tommy and I for about an hour. They said they would see about a break through med.

Saturday 20, Tommy woke up at 6 am having a hard time breathing. So we moved the oxygen machine into the bedroom. (he now uses the oxygen nightly)He is still hurting but not as bad as before.

Sunday 21, My grandmother died this evening.

Monday 22, At 12:20 am Tommy fell and I woke to a crashing sound. He’s not hurt. At 11am, Tommy falls again trying to pick up clothes off the floor. He’s not hurt. Then Dr. Burke calls me: and says he has made a mistake and can not take Tommy’s case and will give it back to the hospice doctor. And he is really sorry. (now we are not sure if the hospice doctor will take Tommy back.) Then my uncle calls and says my cousin has been in a bad car wreck. Her 3 little girls only had some stitches and are OK. But she was throw from the car. The doctors have put her into a coma as all her face bones are broke and her skull is cracked. Then I go to town to find a walker for Tommy. And while I’m gone he falls again, not hurt. Our pastor bring us gifts from the church and has prayer with us. Very long day, and I’m still fighting this cold/ sinus infection.

Tuesday 23, The hospice nurse came out to get Tommy’s vitals and stresses again about the meds and his BP. About 15 minutes after she leaves, a DSS Social Worker (Social Services)came to our door.(OK Lord I’m only one person.) First thing she say to me,”I told my boss before I even left the office that these charges would be unfounded. But by law I have to come out.” She said she was sorry about Tommy’s cancer and would pray for him and us. And she was really sorry to bother us, but she had to come out. She said the charges were unfounded and wish us a Merry Christmas and left. ( please say a prayer for the person who called them). At 4:30pm the hospice nurse called and Dr. Witt is back on the case and has ordered the drop Morphine immediate release, to be taken .25-.5 ml every 2 hours (before when he had the morphine it was .5-1 ml every hour). But we are very thankful to have it now.

Wednesday 24, Tommy got up really tired and with a little pain. Miss Jenny sent us a lot (I mean a lot) of apples and oranges, and so homemade clothes soap. Tommy just grinned from ear to ear when he seen all the bags of fruit. Thank you very much, Miss Jenny. Please give the boys a hug and kiss from us. This was kind of a very lazy day.

Thursday 25, I was up most of the night coughing which had Tommy up most of the night. Tommy had went out to check something on the truck, and while coming back up the stairs, his knees went weak, he fell to his knees, not hurt. I was there and helped him back up, then made him promise not to go back down without me, he said OK. So TJ and Tex when you get here I need you all to put a hand rail at the back steps, please. Another church brought us 3 Christmas dinners plates and a fruit basket this evening.

Tommy ate more dinner tonight, than he has eaten in a long time. I guess because it was his favorite: fried Chicken and liver, french fries and corn. It was so good to see him eat so much.

Friday 26, Then this morning when I woke up to give Tommy his 4 am pills, He said I already took them at 2 am. I said no you can’t do that, he just said sorry. Well at his 6 am pills, I noticed not all the pills were in the slot. So I asked him, he said some fell into the sink at 2 am. One of which was the 40mg pain pill that he can’t get again until 10am. So I am praying that his pain will be low until then. I can’t give him another 40mg, as the hospice keeps a count of all the pills, every time they come out. and now I’ll have to hide the pills from him.

It’s been a very long, hard week. But by God’s grace and mercy, we have made it through. He even threw in blessings along the way to bless us. Thank you Lord for watching out for us yet again. Thank you all for your prayers. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas.


This has been a very long, hard year for my family. But thank you Lord, you have seen us through it each step of the way, and have poured Your blessings out on us. Thank you Lord for all our friends and family, and all my Internet sisters who have become great friends to me.  Lord, please bless them all.


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