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The Surprise Guest and Family

Family left this morning, and Tommy is taking a nap. He did pretty good and he took a nap Saturday. When he need to rest he did. There was a few times he was nausea but did not get sick. Over all it was a wonderful weekend.

Here are some photos of our weekend:

This is Tommy’s surprise guest, Karen, his daughter who he has not seen in years. He had no idea she was coming. When she walked into the house, his mouth hit the floor. Then came the biggest smile ever. Thank you, Karen.


Tommy and Karen (daughter)



Saturday morning breakfast



TJ (son)  and Tommy cooking breakfast.


Tommy and TJ


Becky, Tommy, Brenda (TJ’s mom and Tommy’s ex-wife)



And as always out with the guns again. TJ and Tommielynn




Brenda taking a rest.



Tasha and Carl (her boyfriend, baby’s father)



Tommy, Karen, TJ



Tasha, Karen, Becky



Brenda cleaning the kitchen while everyone else is resting in the living room. I told Tommielynn to take her photo so I could show everyone my slaved labor for the weekend.  LOL  Thank you Brenda for all your help.



We all had a great weekend. Thank you very much TJ, Brenda, and Karen for coming and put so many smiles on Tommy’s face and some much laughter in the air. Thank you all to for all the blessings.

Have a great day, I am off for a nap.


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