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Updates – Tommy & Farm 11/7/08

(This post will be on my blogs and Caring Bridge, this time they’ll be the same as to save a little time this morning.) Sorry it’s been a few days; good, bad and busy.
First off Tommy:
( Wed.) Tommielynn and I came back from town to find: Tommy up and dressed, the hospice nurse and social worker here. And Tommy grinning from ear to ear. I asked him why? He said I got the tractor fixed while you were gone, and I needed my vit. D from the sun and it felt great. He looked wonderful and his smile was so bright. The hospice people were please with how he was doing today.  He did get sick twice before dinner, and was really tried this evening, but he was still smiling. Tasha  brought us KFC chicken for dinner, which he ate and keep down. 
(Thurs.) Tommy was really tried and hurting in his legs bad, and his nerves were bad again. He really enjoyed talking to everyone who called/ he called. He did not get sick at all. He is still riding his bike in the evenings.

Well I took my computer in Wednesday to see what was wrong with it. The guy said it had a very bad virus, that wiped out my computer. And this virus had hit hundreds of people so far. He could not find nothing left on it. Tommielynn and I just started crying. All of our family  photos, all my research for cancer, everything I had done for the last year, GONE. Tommielynn said what about the photos of my dad? The guy said they were gone. That hurt us both the most. When I told Tommy, he was in tears too. So the guy reinstalled what he could and installed avast antivirus and spybot on my computer(he said this is what he uses on his computers and it’s free from the Internet), and gave me a 4MG USB 2.0 Data Traveler to save my things to until I could buy a cd burner to save to. My cd only plays. (Does any one know how much information and photos I can put on 4MG?)
So any of you who I have personally e-mailed, Please send me a short e-mail so as I can get your address in the book again. This is why some of you have not heard from me.  And for our family, if you have photos please burn them to cd’s for us and send them, please. We have none left. I can’t save them until I get a CD burner.
I have only the photos on my blogs, which I am so very thankful for. Tommy was really worried about Caring Bridge too, I told him it was saved to the Internet. Which he did not understand, as he does not do computers. I told him it was still there. Which he and I are thankful for too. My best links where saved on my blogs too. Now I just have to refind all the others. So I have been trying to get the computer , Becky friendly again. So please bear with me. I will be posting more as I get this thing working again.

My daughter ,Tasha, came by Wednesday and told us we were going to be grand parents in about June.  Then she called last night and said her land lord wants her out by Dec. So back home she comes. We are happy to be grandparents, life happens. Just love and go on. So my sewing/computer room is getting yet another make over. I really need a bigger house. LOL  This will be my first grand baby. For those of you who are already grandmas, do you have any helpful hints?  Tommy swears it’s going to be a boy, and he was right about Tommielynn being a girl. So we will see if he is right again.

Well I had better get things moving this morning.
Hope you all have a blessed day.

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