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Farm Life Update – 11/4/08

Winter has not made up it’s mind here yet. At night we are at freezing and during the days in the 70’s. I go out to milk in layers of clothes and at lunch time back to 1 layer. Last night it was 45. With the temps going up and down, my sinuses are back this year. As soon as mine started, I started nose drops of the colloidal silver water, 3 times a day. Oh, what a great difference it’s made.
We had 5 baby chicks hatch out a few days ago. My chickens- Silkies,
( Tommy says their mine as they are the funniest looking chickens he’s ever seen.), but they make the best sitters. Right now, I only have one hen and two roosters. I am praying the new batch will give me a few more hens. As the roosters are not big enough to even eat. I might give Silkie roosters as Christmas gifts.

I canned another 20 pints of milk for this winter. Peaches ( milk cow) is now down to just about 2 gallons a day. The end of this month, she will have been giving us milk for a year. When she gets down to under a half a gallon a day, we will dry her up. We are praying she is breed back, to the bull that is running with her. Praying he did his job, and did it well. She has showed no signs of heat for almost two months now. It’s really hard for us when the milk cows dry up, as we are use to having all the milk we need and then some. We really count the days until she drops a calf, as it gets close we are looking out the back door every hour for a calf. So hopefully, in 7 months we will have a new meat calf and milk again.

I have knitted another 3 pairs of socks for the winter. Tommielynn said the next pair has to be hers, so I’ll let her pick her colors.

Tommy had a good weekend. Hospice is upping his pain meds, and will be coming out 5 days this week.

Thank you all for your prayer, they keep us going from day to day.

God bless you all,





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