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My time here

It has been a rough few weeks here. Tommy has not been doing good. Hospice is now coming out twice a week. Please keep praying for him. And thank you for all the prayers that are going up now.

Ok, as for my time here writing post. I really enjoy all of you and writing posts. But I need to send as much time with Tommy as I can, taking care of him, etc. I will still be writing posts but I’m not sure now often. I will be checking in here as often as I can to answer your questions and writing posts. But now, it might take me a few days to do that. If you have not heard from me in a while, you can check here: Updates on Tommy’s Health. This is were I keep everyone up to date on Tommy’s health. I will post there more than here. As we have family and friends all over the USA and Canada. I hope you all will understand.


Wednesday, I made two batch of homemade ice cream for Tommy. It’s one of the few things he can keep down. And Tommielynn loves it too.

A friend, Beth, brought us two dinners yesterday. Oh what a great blessing. By dinner time I’m worn out. Poor Tommielynn has had cereal or bag noodles a few times these past few weeks. She was so thankful for the dinners, and Beth became her best friend when one of those dinners was chicken.

I have been (when Tommy is sleeping) redoing the sewing room. I have too rearrange it. So as to get the bunk bed set put in there. There is a twin top and a full bottom. Shawn, my son, is supports to come by soon and help me put it together. We will being having family and friends coming in, who need a place to sleep. With this set more people can stay here.

With the donations given here, we have been able to get the heater tanks refilled, and more. They have been such a wonderful blessing. Thank you again to all who gave; and those that could not give, thank you for your prayers. With out your prayers I/we would never make it through all of this. But with your prayers and by God’s grace, we are making it, one day at a time.

With this blog, God has brought such wonderful people into our lives, oh what a great blessing. And here I thought I was writing to help others, when really you all were/are helping me. Thank you.

God Bless you all,


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