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Road A head – Part 4 – Making more at home

Well I have made 2 batches of homemade ice cream. And for some reason it’s so much better than store bought. I have never worked out the price to make it, as we have milk and eggs here. We save up ice to make it.

A trip to town yesterday was an eye opener. Gas here was down to $2.78 a gallon.  I’m trying to restock some of the sugar I’ve used. (so as my stock does not get to low going into the winter). And do you know the 5 pounds bags are gone with the wind.  All I could find where 4 pound bags for the same price as the 5 pound. I was not a happy camper. Some lady in the store said, “They changed to 4 pounds two months ago. Why are you so mad,now?” And as nicely as I could told her about my stocking and that I was just refilling my stock. And then I got the funny look from her, and she asked why I was stocking up? I just rolled my eyes, sorry to say, and went on. Potatoes, these are now gold in this area. Early this year, 10 lbs. $1.49, 50 lbs.$7.00, now 10 lbs are $4.99 and the 50 lbs. jump to $18.99. I bought one 10 lbs bag, why not the 50 lbs? Well we wanted some french fries(it’s been a month and half since we have had any), and the frozen french fries were even higher. I have some canned potatoes and instant mashed potatoes . We use to eat potatoes about every night, now maybe 2-3 times a week. Which is killing my 11 year old daughter.

I am now only buying staples at the store. I was buying a off brand hamburger helper ( for a fast meal) but the last two boxes I bought had a flavor of nothing but salt. So no more prepackaged foods. If I can not make it from scratch, we don’t eat it. I have put my foot down on cereal too( the only prepackaged food I buy as I have not learned to make it), as the price is the same but the ounces keep going down. I’ll buy one box a week that is not more than $2.00. Which has my 11 yrs. old checking prices and ounces better than before. Yesterday at Save A Lot, she was almost in tears. She said, “Mom, my cereal is now $1.89 a box and two weeks ago it was $1. 69 and 2 ounces larger.” She knows I will not buy it when it goes over $2.00. I think this mess is hurting the children hard. Yes, I know there are other foods for breakfast but we also use cereal as snacks( because we have so much milk).

I need to keep an eye out for milk prices as our milk cow is slowly drying up. (We are praying the bull in the pen with her, has done his job.) We are now getting about 2 gallons and a quart a day. I am still freezing and canning.

But we are  using/drinking a gallon a day. So I’m not sure now long my stock will last. 


Collodial Silver Water – Natural Antibiotic

I first tried this, a few weeks ago. And I love it. I had a super bad ear infection, which meant I needed an super antibiotic( I used pill antibiotics for 20 days). I could not hear out of my ear for almost 3 weeks. A friend said to try this Collodial silver water. And I did, with in 3 days, I could hear again. Then I goggled it and found more uses. Here is one: Usages. And another friend has the machine to make it at home and is going to make me some( thank you Angela). The last few days, I have been checking out herbs and their usages. Finding out which I can grow at home, which grow in the woods and fields around me. Please check into this.

My son got me an “Natural Remedies Encyclopedia” with  908 pages. He had gotten it earlier this year so that I could find things that might help Tommy with his cancer. I know this is an other must have book.

Here at Amazon 

This book is not cheap, runs from $50.00 and up. (Maybe you can ask your son too, as we could not have bought it our selves).If you are like me and know very little about herbs, it’s great. And if you already know about using herbs, it has everything in one book. This book tells you everything, from photos of the herbs to making them, and what herbs to use for what.  My son blessed us in more than one way with this book. This book covers a lot of every day things too. And think of all the money you will be saving, no more waiting in the doctors office for two hours.  You say your not a doctor and will not know what your treating. Well the book also list symptoms, causes, natural remedies and is written by MD’s. I am not saying never go to the doctors, just not as much. With money tight you want to do all you can to save it. Some of the herbs are growing in your back yard for free. You moms with kids, I know you get tired of going in for ear infections, the Collodial silver water works and the book will give you more herbs and ways.

There are a very few books I put on my must have list. But the ones that are on this list are the best out there. And most cover everything in a subject. I have a most have gardening book, I’ll  tell you about next time.

The more thing I can make/ or do at home, the less money I’ll have to spend. Everything I am doing takes more time than money. Time I have, money very little of.  A few years ago, I would of never dream of using herbs, as I only knew a very few people who used them, so I did not know much about them myself. I had nothing against them or using them. I guess you could say I didn’t need them. Then Tommy got sick and  this opened my eyes to herbs. I don’t know a lot about them YET, but I’m learning daily. And I’m thankful the Lord supply’s all our needs, even in the back yard. 


Happy herb hunting,



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  1. […] Go to the author’s original blog: Road A head – Part 4 – Making more at home […]

    Pingback by Road A head - Part 4 - Making more at home | October 18, 2008 | Reply

  2. Love the “Road Ahead” series you’re doing, Becky. I completely agree with you on all of it. I don’t believe it will get any better any time soon unfortunately, and I hope people will open their eyes to what is going on and prepare. Sugar has been the same here (and potatoes). Sam’s Club has had the best prices on sugar in 50# bags, but we have to drive out of town to get it. On herbs that are natural antibiotics – goldenseal and garlic are both excellent. We’ve used them for years with very good results.

    Praying for you and Tommy,

    Comment by arksoaper | October 18, 2008 | Reply

  3. I know this is probably not the best post to put this comment in….but I figured you would read your most recent comments first.
    I was at a craft show today and saw Chocolate cake in a mug that you microwave for $5.00 and I remember you saying that you picked up cute mugs and such for really cheap. These were all wrapped up in cellophane, had a tag, and looked really nice.
    Here is a make it yourself from scratch recipe…

    Here is one using regular box cake mix….

    I think these are perfect for making up to give for people who stop by or to give to a party hostess. And if you have some left after the holidays you can always eat them yourself!!;) I think this would make a perfect little inexpensive Christmas gift…especially when you like to do a lot of little gifts.

    Comment by Pamspride | October 18, 2008 | Reply

  4. Becky –

    I found recipes for homemade “Hamburger Helper” type meals at Hillbilly Housewife. They are really, really good. I use ground turkey instead of ground beef. My husband, son and I each have our own favorite. I made up a dozen bags (4 of each of our favorites) and they last me quite a while (close to a year). I will never again buy a box of the prepackaged stuff. Let me know if you can’t find her recipe. I am switching more and more to homemade items. The chocolate syrup from Hillbilly Housewife is also wonderful…no more Hershey’s for us!!!

    We went to Sam’s today for an every other month stock up. UGH…we spent WAY too much money as the largest portion of our purchases today were toiletries and over the counter meds. Goodness they have gone up in price! But what are you going to do…we need soap, shampoo, aspirin, toilet paper, etc. For a while I was trying to keep a running total in my head, but finally gave up. I was shocked with the total at the register. Fortunately we had the cash to pay it, but that just means I REALLY have to scrimp at Aldi this month! Next time I take a calculator!!!

    I completely avoided hitting a sale this past week on boxed brownies. They were $.79 a box, a WONDERFUL price around here. But I figure homemade HAS to be cheaper and I know it doesn’t have any preservatives in it! I am trying to add one “homemade” item per week to my recipe book. I agree, the only way we are going to be able to save money is to buy basic ingredients only and make everything from scratch. Please pass on any “scratch” recipes you find that are tried and true…I need to incorporate a whole lot more! Thanks again for the motivation and support, it means more than you know. Sending prayers…

    Comment by Linda | October 18, 2008 | Reply

  5. Linda,
    Hillbilly Housewife site is great. (link under great sites on right hand side here) I have used a lot of things from her site.
    I’ll start posting the from “scratch” recipes I use here on the farm. And if you have a great one please share.
    Thank you for your prayers.

    Comment by jordansfarm | October 19, 2008 | Reply

  6. I am learning so much from your blog! Thanks for sharing all your information! I have never learned to can….and now I don’t have the money to buy the proper stuff. Is it real expensive? What do I have to have? I would love to learn more! Thanks again for your blog!! Love it!!

    Comment by Wendy | October 20, 2008 | Reply

  7. Wendy,
    The pressure cooker runs about $80 + dollars, and then you’ll need jars. the first year or two will be when you spend the most money. Then all you will need to buy are the lids. Hope this helps.

    Comment by jordansfarm | October 21, 2008 | Reply

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