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Low Cost Gifts Giving Ideas

That time of year again, but these ideas will work for any gift giving time.

At thrift stores, dollar stores, etc. get baskets, big bowl, plastic boxes with lids, etc. and fill them with little things the person would like.

You can make family baskets( put things in for everyone in family), kids baskets, guest baskets(you didn’t know they were coming), etc.

Fill with:

  1. homemade clothes, dish cloths, hats, mittens, pot holders, placemats,etc. (what ever you can make)
  2. little bags of baked goods, candies, drink mixes (packets of hot cocoa, or tea bags)etc. You don’t bake, buy a bag of cookies, bag of candy, box of hot choc. mix packets and put in those fold top sandwich bags and tie with a ribbon.
  3. candles
  4. for kids: a small toy, book, puzzle, colored pencils, markers, etc.
  5. adult: small book, pens ( we can never find one when we need it)
  6. buy a pack of socks and split it up, one pair per basket
  7. the bath cubes that come in packs of 4-6, put one in each basket
  8. get a bar of homemade soap from someone and cut it in 4ths and put in 4 baskets
  9. for the men: socks, small tool set or tools, crossword books, small books, a quart of oil
  10. a box of tissues or the travel tissues (always needed)
  11. for those of you who have had gardens: add a few potatoes, carrots, apples, jar of canned food, etc
  12. for those who didn’t garden, get a bag of potatoes, carrots, etc and split between baskets
  13. a pack of those garden tools, usually 3 tools per bag, and out one tool per basket, and usually at the dollar stores for a dollar
  14. those little debbie cakes boxes, and out one in each basket
  15. If you know someone is really having a hard time, add things like: a roll of bath paper, bar of soap, small bottle of dish soap, small box/bottle of clothes soap, to the baskets.
  16. a can of beef stew, soups, etc.
  17. box of crackers, with one of the 4 packs in each basket
  18. for someone who sews: a pack of needles, thread
  19. box of band-aids: put a few in each basket. for kids get a box of the cute kid band-aids.
  20. cake mixes, muffin mixes
  21. roll of duct tape ( always needed a round a house)
  22. get new looking coffee cups at thrift store ( usually only cost .10-.25)
  23. get a 12 pack of dishcloths or wash rags and put 1-2 in each basket, same with hand towels
  24. books are great, even when lightly used.
  25. for those of you who used yarn, put your small balls of left over yarn in kid baskets for them to do crafts with, or to another person who uses yarn. same with your leftover materials from your sewing .

There are so many different things to put in the baskets. And this year is going to be hard on every one. Think about the little things you’d want. I would rather give things I know will be used, than give something that will just sit on a table. Most kids would like a lot of different things they can use and play with than one really costly toy. Think of the long hard winter ahead, what would your person used/ need to make it a little easier.

The kids baskets/plastic boxes with lids, you could wrap all the small things, as kids really like to open this.

For the person that is in the kitchen a lot use a big bowl instead of a basket.

Other adults and teenagers use the plastic boxes with lids as they can be reused later.

Instead of buying boxes to wrap things in, save your boxes food comes in( cereal boxes, cake boxes, etc). We do this and it’s fun. The kids will say,”I got cereal,cake mix etc.”And we all laugh.

And I don’t wrap the baskets/bowls/plastic boxes, I just tie a ribbon around them. This save on wrapping paper and tape.

What are your ideas? What would you put in your baskets/ bowls/boxes?

Have fun filling your baskets.



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  1. Hi Becky:
    I haven’t bought wrapping paper in twenty years. I hated wrapping presents ‘cas I was the one to do it all. So after Christmas when all the Xmas material came on sale I bought bolts of it and made bags. I sealed them with elastic bands wound tightly at the top and added ribbon and tired in a bow to conceal. It actually takes longer to get the elastic off than to just rip the paper. When they are given away the stipulation is they must come back if they want a present next year (this part is for family). You can also use broad cloth and the cheap fabric at Walmart offers some good opportunities, it doesn’t need to have an Xmas print. I use solid colours and prints in my colour scheme which is burgundy, pink and white with gold accents.

    Happy hunting

    Comment by Debbie | October 13, 2008 | Reply

  2. Debbie,
    What a great idea for wrapping gifts. Thank you.

    Comment by jordansfarm | October 14, 2008 | Reply

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