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Farm Life – 9/29 – Photos

My son is coming over today to cover the roof vents up for the winter.  This is a blessing as Tommy can’t get up on the roof anymore and I really don’t like heights. My son will help do a few other things around here, to help us get ready for winter. But I think he just wants some of my cooking, you know he is still a growing boy.  

We here, are still out of gas (GA,TN,NC). And no one is sure when we will get some more.  We have a half a tank of gas, which should get us to town about 5-6 times. But I do not need to go to town for about a week. I really feel for those here, trying just to get to work. Tommy and I feel some place might close down for a while here, because of the gas. According to the News, it is just the southeast, USA. Ok, winter is not even here yet.  Lord, help us all.


 This truck gets 25+ miles to the gallon, while only on a good day did this truck get 10.

IMG_0021  IMG_0022


 My strawberry  patch/ raised beds garden is almost ready for winter. There are still a few more tomatoes, and the birds are almost done with the sunflowers. I covered the beds in straw for the winter. Strawberry plants will get covered after the first frost.



  My garlic is drying and I’m going to try braiding it this year.


 Our T-Bone steaks come out to about $.50 a pound. All the beef cuts and hamburger is about $.50 a pound. This prices includes all the feed we give them and the butchers prices to cut, wrap and freeze. Is it worth having a beef cow? YES. I know what my cows eat, and who they are bred to. We have had our own meat so long that when we eat out/ someone else house, their meat taste so bland and tough and no flavor. This is most likely why they come here to eat. Would you like to come to dinner, too?



We are not getting the building, a long story. But I thanked the Lord with tears in my eyes, for He knows what’s best for us.  1 Thess. 5:18 says “In everything give thanks…”. This is sometimes hard to do without tears. But I know He knows what’s best and does everything for our good.  I will not lean on my own understanding, but lean on Him.


One day at a time. One prayer at a time.




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