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Chickens Tips & Saving Money

Hint on Chickens:

If you want them to lay in the (all) winter, put a 40-60 watt light bulb in their house, and it needs to be on 14 hrs a day, or the chicken will stop laying as daylight lessen. I know this works because I have done it for years, and I’m one of the few in my area that has eggs in the winter. We put our chicken light on a timer, the ones you can hook to lamps in your house, and it works great. With the amount of power the light uses is still cheaper than buying yucky store eggs.


Saving Money:

Hot water heaters: we flip the braker off at bed time, so as it does not heat water all night, when no one is using it. And at times I flip it off during the day. In the morning, the water is still warm just not hot. They make a heavy duty timer (like above for the hot water heater), which we hope to some day get. But flipping the braker did make a difference in our power bill.

Have a great day.

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