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I have a friend

When all these things started happening this year, my faith got weak. Why? because I was trying to change things I had no control over.( Tommy’s cancer back, no work, food and gas prices going up, etc.) I took my eyes off my Father and put them on what was going on around me.

Earlier this year, our family faith was well like on the back burner. There seem to be so much that had to be done, now. We had stopped going to church, we said because of gas prices, and just being tired. The Lord still looked out for us, but there were few blessing.  I really missed having Him close to me and feeling Him near. We stilled prayed and honor Him in our home, but our fellowship with Him was gone. This pasted weekend, we went to a singing on Saturday night, and church Sunday morning.  I felt like I was going home after a long trip. And the Lord was waiting for me there, Sunday, with His arms wide open. Oh, It felt so good to be back in His arms.  Tommy did the same thing. We left church with a renewed faith, a brighter smile, and a overall peace. We still have our problems, and our fires to go through, but now we are walking hand and hand with our Father. ( I e-mailed this, this morning to a friend, and He told me to add it here, too.)

Then I remembered: When you have done all you can do , take your eyes off your self and help someone else with their problems and their needs. The Lord did not give us the ability to help ourselves but to help others. The Lord made us to help one another: to carry one others burdens, to pray for each other,to love one another.

In hard times, which all of us are in, sometimes it takes someone to remind us, that we need to take our eyes off ourselves. Someone reminded me.

I look daily for the Lord blessing, all around me. He’s still in control. When the worry or fear bug tries to bite me, I remember what the Lord has done all around me. I’m so glad the Lord never gives up on us.

The Lord is always amazing me: the ways He chooses to bless everyone, the people He uses to bless others( some of which do not belong to Him , yet.) Thank you Lord for looking after Your children and loving us so much.

I’m human and at times my faith grows weak. But then here comes Jesus right on time. I have grown in Him so much this year, through all the hard times and all the fires. I am thankful He has walked me through them all. As there was only one set of foot prints in the sand.

Do I have all the answers ? No, but my friend does. And no, I’m not asking for anything but your prayers for our family.

And thank you to all who have left comments and are praying for us. You all have blessed me so much. Thank you again.  

Do you know my friend?

He is looking for you and waiting for you to come home and His arms are wide open.

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September 22, 2008 Posted by | blessings | | 8 Comments