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Homemade Mozzarella Cheese with photos


This is my big pot with 4 gallons of milk in it. I had extra milk, I usually only do a gallon at a time.

I can not give you the recipe as it has a  copy write, but will list the link below for you to get it.


This is what the cheese looks like when done cooking. 


Getting ready to heat it, so as to get the rest of the whey out.


Draining the whey (above), kneading the whey out (below). You keep doing this until all the whey is out.




  Now I am pulling and stretching the cheese to get the rest of the whey out.


stretching some more


stretching some more


stretching some more

This can get a bit messy.


When the cheese is glossy and smooth, it’s time to rinse and cool it.


Rinse until the water runs clear.




Leave in ice  water about 20 -30 minutes.


Then it’s into ice box for another 30 minutes to drain.


Then I shred it and pack into freezer bags.



This homemade cheese is so much better than the store bought.

The New England Cheesemaking Supply Company has a starter kit. Which I bought and love. You only need to buy the kit once. It’s great and makes more +/- 40 pounds of cheese, and you get everything in the kit but your milk. The kit tells you all the different kinds of milk you can use. The kit is called: 30 Minute Mozzarella & Ricotta Kit , $24.95 ( click on name and it’ll take you to it).

For their recipe( click on name) Ricki’s  30 minute Mozzarella Magic. It will take you step by step, at the end of the page.

Recipes on other cheeses: Making cheeses.

Questions answered about Mozzarella cheese.

I really like this company. I order my supplies from them.


Now if you happen to run out of the Citric Acid, which is called for in the recipe as I did. I found a way to still make the cheese.

I tried lemon juice instead of the citric acid and it worked. The milk does not curdle as much as with the citric acid. But the finished cheese is the same.

Citric Acid Milk bottled lemon juice
1  1/2 level tsp. 1 gallon 3 oz.
3 level tsp. 2 gallons 6 oz.
6 level tsp. 4 gallons 12 oz.

Keep your whey ( drain it into a big bowl) as it is great to cook with. And it makes the best breads. I keep small juice bottles in the freezer with the whey in it.

Have a cheesy Day.



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Is it worth it to have a milk cow? YES

863.5 gallons 

from 12-1-07 to 9-26-08, just milk in gallons, 10 months.
x    $3.00 price of the cheapest store bought milk- by the gallon
= $ 2,590.50 total of milk if bought in store
–  $1,600.00 10 months of feed for cow, $160 a month
=$990.50 we saved just on milk in 10 months

But this is just milk prices. From this milk I have made: all the butter, whip cream, cheeses, sour cream, fed the cats and dogs and more, that we use.

So really our savings is more than above. But I use the number as a guide to make sure I am not losing money by feeding the cow.

Some people have wanted to know this as they are thinking of getting a milk cow.

Hope this helps.



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