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Farm Life – 9/15

We received a big box of apples, oh what a blessing, thank you Carol.  I did get all the onion sets planted.  Pulled up my garlic to dry. And the Lord sent a light rain last night. We have built a new chicken pen for the young chickens to go into.

We pulled up the hallway carpet (to many dog messes), and I scrubbed the tile that was under carpet. Now I looking for washable rugs to put down in the hallway. If I can’t find what I want then I guess I’ll start sewing them.

Our daughter came by yesterday and brought us lunch. This was a treat, thank you Sissy. Hamburgers and milk shakes, mmmmm.

I have also been weeding out the house. Throwing things away I no longer need or use. Tommy wants to take photos, as he says I never throw away any thing. But I’m tired of all this stuff getting in my way. We have an old school bus, that we use for storage. I have gone through things in there too. I already feel lighter. Some called it fall cleaning, I call it weeding the house.

I have frozen more eggs, canned more potatoes and milk.  I’m not sure how much longer the chicken will lay and the cow give milk??? And winter seem to be coming a lot faster this year.

I am working on knitted socks for this winter. And making gifts too. I think this would be a great year to start a nothing but homemade Christmas. With money so tight with everyone, maybe this will happen. And it’s so much fun, even my 11 yr. old is thinking up things to make. But my job is to find her what she needs or come up with something else to use.

I have started cutting down on how much meat I put on the table for dinners. And this hit my 11yr. old hardest last night. As we had what she loves most, fried chicken. She usually eats 2-3 pieces, she really likes fried chicken. But I had to tell her it’s 2 nights of chicken not 1 night.  I told her she could have more vegs.  She was not to happy, but she handled it pretty well.  Her dad and I tried again to tell her about hard times coming and making things stretch so they would last longer.  Our frozen chicken is very low and the chickens in the yard are not big enough yet to kill.  This is our first time of stretching food, as I use to put 3-5 lbs of meat on the table. We ate a lot of meat when the other 2 kids were home too. We always had enough, and even left overs.  We have always lived pay check to pay check.  But I have never before had to watch/cut back on meals.  All this mess with high prices and no jobs, how do you get your kids to understand??? She never gotten everything she wanted, but even a trip to the park in town cost more with gas prices up. She is use to the simple things in life, but now the simple things cost more too.  Yesterday, her little friend came over for the day. Do you know what they came up with, and had a blast doing? They filled up two 55 gallon steel drums with water, and played in them for hours. You could hear them laughing in the house.  I really love the simple life.




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  1. We are having to cut back in ways that the kids are feeling too. There’s a part of me that just hates that but the other half of me knows it’s just the way it has to be.

    As for meat, my husband was just talking tonight about saving up to get a cow for the freezer. But at the same time, that’s alot of money. So we’ll just have to see how it goes.

    Hope you have a good week,
    Mrs. D.D.

    Comment by D. | September 15, 2008 | Reply

  2. I think the “weeding” bug has hit me too! I’ve been purging through my house for the past several days, listing stuff on Craigslist, BluJay and Freecycle. I have also been trying to get through my “Fall To Do” list. Yesterday I finished making up the last of my mixes. I also recycled some towels that were given to me into dishrags. I just have to hem three more and I should be set for a while. I was down to just 3 dishrags…definitely needed more and instead of buying them I made them! I’m learning this self sufficient stuff one step at a time!

    I have been trying to cut down on food at mealtime too. My DH and DS have noticed, but whatcha gonna do? Something has to give and the food budget is the easiest thing to stretch. I am really, really dreading this winter. Our winter gas/electric combined bill sometimes hits $400/mo. I can’t imagine what it is going to be now. Speaking of which, I have GOT to get that denim quilt finished for the family room! Hopefully we can all snuggled under blankets/quilts and keep the house a little cooler.

    Keep the posts coming…you are inspiring me and giving me the little “kick” I need to prepare!

    Thank you

    Comment by Linda | September 16, 2008 | Reply

  3. Becky, have you seen the book, THE MAKERS DIET? We are have to stretch our meat too, I am able to get enough meat from the breast meat for hubby’s work lunch and then we get at least two other meals out of the remaining meat on the carcass. The most health giving thing about the way I cook the chicken is the broth. I detailed this method in a post on my blog titled PUPPY TRAINING. If you type that in the search box on my sidebar you can get the recipe. The gelatinous broth will help Tommy heal.

    Love your mozzarella post, and the milk cow post also, people always think we are crazy for having a cow, but I think they are crazy for not having a cow. 🙂

    Comment by matronofhusbandry | September 21, 2008 | Reply

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