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Thank You To All Who Have Stopped In (7,000) — A Give-away

As of June 08, 7,000 of you have stopped by. Thank you all. I was not sure when I started this if it would work. I was so new to blogging. But the Lord has blessed this site and used you all to bless me. And all the new friends I have made, that’s a great blessing to me.

The canning potatoes post is on over load. If you have not canned any, you better hurry, before there are no potatoes left out there.

Well as a thank you to you all. I am having a give -away. All you have to do is leave me a comment about the post (or posts) that has helped you the most. Each comment gets your name in the bowl, and if you link to this give away on your blog and tell me, I’ll add your name again.

I will draw a name out of a bowl and let you know who wins.

Drawing will be on: Tues. evening on Sept. 9, 08


Here is what you will get: knitted “Shake, Rattle and Roll” dish towel, knitted coaster & dish cloth, coconut bath fizz, cherry blossom bath salt, cherry blossom cream bath


Thank you all again. And may God bless you all.


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Fall Is Coming – Getting ready for winter

Yesterday while I was doing chores, I notice dried leaves on the ground. Fall is coming, I just love the fall time of the year. I’m not sure when it start here, as I have not stopped to look. I really need to stop more often and look around and smell the roses. I have been trying to get ready for winter and now I’m stopping for a few moments to enjoy the fall. The trees are starting to show they too are getting ready for winter.  And I saw our first wooly worm, and he was as black as coal. Which here means a long cold winter. I am so thankful the Lord allows seasons. Even thou the seasons of life are hard at times, I know He knows what’s best. And no one season last forever.

Things I still have to do to get ready for winter:

  1. need to fill all my heater gas tanks( we use 100lb’s, and 30lb’s tanks so we can fill them as money allows. We use about 200lb a month for the heater and 30 lb a month for the stove)
  2. pull out and sort, winter clothes and see what’s needed new this year
  3. working on homemade Christmas gifts ( this I really enjoy)
  4. getting the gardens clean out, strawberries mulched for winter
  5. do a final check on food supply’s and goods
  6. keep an eye out for candles at the thrift store. I usually get them for .05-.10 each. these are good when power goes out, or just because. I love candles,to me they are relaxing.
  7. get all quilts and blankets washed
  8. close up holes in the house’s under pinning and cover the end of the house vent holes.
  9. get chicken house ready for winter
  10. get up and clean all stock tank heaters (we put these in the animals water tubs to keep the water from freezing.)
  11. check all oil lamps and change the wicks
  12. blow out the gas heaters, they get dust in them during the summer.
  13. reinstall the hood over the out side water, the hood has a light in it the keep the outside water line from freezing. ( I’ll post a photo when it’s up. Tommy made it out of scrap wood. And it was my biggest blessing last winter.) 
  14. make strawberry jam ( 8 – 10 gallon freezer bags full of strawberries)
  15. make butter (over 10 gallons of cream in the freezer).
  16. make and canned homemade veg. beef soup for winter use.

I know there is more I just can’t think of what else right now.


What are you doing at your house to prepare for winter? I’d like to know because I might be forgetting to do something or not thought if it.

Take time to day to have a look around out side, see all God’s wonderful work. And enjoy what He has sent you today.




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