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Garlic braiding and Big box of seeds and saying good bye to friends

I have not harvested my garlic yet, but soon. I found Michelle’s Garden blog. She does a post about how to braid garlic with photos, which is great. Here’s the link: Braiding garlic with photos. I have always wanted to do this, but well I’m a show me person ( that’s why I post so many photos, photos just help). I can’t wait to braid my garlic.

Super friends of ours, Scott and Ann, came over last night. They bought me a really big box full of seeds. Seeds: vegs , herbs , and flowers. What a blessing, thank you Scott and Ann.  I’ll have the prettiest yard next year and loads of vegs. Getting that box made me want to plant them now but well I’ll have to wait till next year now. Oh what a great blessing.

Scott and Ann told us they will be moving for a while. You see this area has very,very little work. So they are going where there is work, about 5 hours away. They will come back, when they can. I wish them God speed, but boy they will be missed. Since Tommy has been sick they have been a blessing to us. They are good friends.

This was just a cute photo. Not often do you see cats and chickens getting a long or even sharing food.


Hope you all have a great day.




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