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Angels are here: They came to us today with overflowing blessings

We went to our family doctor yesterday morning. Tommy was hurting very badly, just about in tears. They gave him 2 shots in the butt, gave us a Advair inhaler( we did not have the money to buy it), and 6 of the albuterol inhalers, then they called in a muscle relaxer pills and  gave me the money to pay for them.(Tommy does not get his check until Monday).Then they called a local hospice to come and see us.

Hospice came and talked to us for about 2 hours. They are taking our case. If their Social Worker can not find a way for Tommy to get some kind of Insurance (Medicare/ Medicaid), the hospice will pick up all the bills. We will not have to pay anything.When they told me, I lost it, I cried and cried, and made them tell me again ( I really thought I miss understood them.)Thank you Lord. They will be covering all of  Tommy’s COPD med’s and pain pills. And they will help me find a way to pay for or get the Zometa ( for his bones). Before they left, they ordered and had delivered: a tank of oxygen( to use if the power goes out), a machine that turns air into oxygen ( a big machine, has a bottle of water you have to put on it. I don’t know it’s name.), and a new nebulizer with a face mask.

They called our drug store and told them they were now paying for Tommy’s COPD med’s and pain pills. They also called our doctor, so they could call in Morphine drops for Tommy.

The hospice will cover/ pay for: nursing care( an RN will come once a week, and is on call 24/7 , if I need her for anything.), medical equipment, medical supplies, drugs, home health aide, therapy, social worker services( she said my work was done here, she’d being handling it now, my heaviest burden lifted, Thank you lord.) 

My shoulders feel so light now, oh what an awesome blessing. Thank you Lord for your care and blessings on us.I cried so much yesterday, it was a good overwhelming cry. They told me they would now be taking care of everything for Tommy.  All I had to do was tell them what he needed and they would do it or get it. When the Lord blesses, He does so in a great and mighty way.  The windows of heaven opened wide on us yesterday, the Lord was right on time again. We are so very thankful. 

I will go this morning and get his pain pills,  cough pills, and morphine drops. He used the oxygen machine last night and said it helped.

Thank you Lord for answered prayers and all Your blessings . Thank you all for your prayers as you all have blessed us too.

Very thankful and very blessed,


July 31, 2008 Posted by | blessings, Tommy | 4 Comments