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Blessings, Apples, Stocking

We have a week of on and off rain. Which we so badly needed. The youth group came back. They mowed the yard, weed eatted around the yard, and moved just about all the mulch into the upper garden. They were a great blessing to us.

I went yesterday, and picks 2 big plastic totes of apples. I got them free, off  the ground. The older man has a hard time picking from ground. He told me I could come any time and get all I wanted off the ground. Thank you Lord for the fruit. His trees are loaded. And so was the ground. As soon as I get these apples put up, I’ll go for more. I hope to make applesauce, can apples in a light syrup,  and for the first time make apple jelly. We could not get apples from him last year due to a late frost, but did get some the year before. And I only have a few quarts left from that year.

If you all see an apple (pears,oranges,….) tree in someone’s yard, and there are apples on ground, stop and ask if you can have the ones on the ground. 9 times out of 10, them will just give them to you so as they do not have to pick them up or mow them.  This is how I started, and now they call me when they are ready to pick up, year after year.   Put the word out that you want peoples extras. After I have canned and froze all I need for the year, I call in people to come and pick the extra, and some people call me to come and get their extra ( things I don’t grow or have). Find out every one around you who farms or gardens, trade things with each other. More people are willing to trade than buy right now. I offer people a 1/3 to 1/2 on what I am doing for their help( snapping beans to can, peeling apples,  peeling potatoes to can), just let people know. I have a list of people wanting to help. And Lord knows I need help.  It is really time to start helping one another, and it blesses me so to see so many doing just that.

Well, yesterday I went to town ( I  go  every two weeks, now), and I could not believe the prices are still going up, even on my feed for the animals. And just in two weeks, some things with up as much as $1.00 per item. Boy, I  really hate going to town.  But I found a few good deals: Ivory soap 4 @$1.00 (was 3 @$1.00), cans of coffee $3.00 cheaper than anywhere else( I got 6, that’s all they had left),cereal for $1.89 a box( got 8), 2 baby changing pads $.25 each( for my homemade pads). This week there was not many sale for me, so not much to add to stock, but I got some.  I got 700 pounds of feed for animals for two weeks, this bill was up by $30.00 . I wish I had enough room to grow my own feed, but I don’t, so I buy. 

Well I have a lot of work I needed to do, pray you all have a great weekend.


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