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Another day on the Farm -a little of this and that.

We got a good rain today.  I have another 3 hens sitting on eggs (6, 12, 6) and 9 chicks: we’ll have chicken this winter.  Peaches, our milk cow, is giving us a lot of milk, now we’re getting  3  1/2+ gallons.  Time for me to make ice cream again. Would you like some? 🙂  Tommy’s doing better, still at times having a hard time breathing, but this to is getting better. I will be picking green beans again in the morning.  The Lord has really blessed our garden and farm, thank you, Lord.



Homemade Mayonnaise

1 whole egg

2 teaspoons sugar

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 1/2 tablespoon vinegar

dash pepper

1 cup oil

Put all ingredients in the blender, except for  3/4 cup of oil. Blend together well. While blending, slowly add the remaining oil until the mayonnaise is thick.


Tortilla Chips

1 dozen corn tortilla   and oil for frying

Cut tortillas into triangles ( like a pie) and fry a few at a time in a pan of hot oil. Salt to taste.

** Variation** Try frying flour tortillas the same way and sugar mixture.


These recipes are from the  “Cooking with Home Storage”  by Vicki Tate , used with permission of author. A most have book. This book has pioneer recipes, dried foods recipes, and more.   This is the last of the recipes I’ll post from this book.   It is well worth the $14.95. If you’d like to see the book index it’s HERE at the end of post.

The New Cookin’ with Home Storage– New and Expanded version with Index

By: Vicki Tate    (435)835-8283 in Utah, USA

Vicki has said if you call in to order the book price is $14.95 + S&H, and can order a CD of her lecture for $4.00, too.



Plant sweet basil around your doorways as this repels flies. I know this works, even on a farm. I have a net bag on my screen door and fill it with sweet basil leaves every few days ( leaves- the snips I take off every few day, so it’ll grow bigger, some leaves get dried for winter use).

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