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Cooking with Home Storage–Homemade Cheese recipes using Powdered milk

These recipes are from the  “Cooking with Home Storage”  by Vicki Tate , used with permission of author.  (see end of this post to order this wonderful book) A most have book. This book has pioneer recipes, dried foods recipes, and more.

Parmesan Cheese

1 cup boiling water , 2-3 tablespoons lemon juice,  1 cup powdered milk

blend all ingredients and cook over medium-high heat until milk boils. the curds will be very small and milk will be frothy. pour into a  cloth lined strainer, rinse and press out excess water. put curds into a bowl and stir with a fork to break up. spread on a cookie sheet and dry for about 10 minutes in a 150 degree oven. this cheese can be salted and used in place of parmesan, or mixed with 1/4 to 1/3 commercially dried parmesan cheese. refrigerate or freeze. makes about 1 cup of curds. a pleasant flavor change takes place after about 3 months of aging under refrigeration.


Mock Mozzarella

4 cups warm water,  1  3/4 cup  white vinegar,  2/3 cup vegetable oil,  3 cups powdered milk

blend all ingredients, pour into hot, oil-coated saucepan and heat to 115 degrees to form curds. rinse in warm water, drain and salt to taste. place in cheesecloth bag and hang to drain or squeeze out excess liquid. cool and grate or crumble. use as you would commercial mozzarella. for a firmer texture, use only 1/4- 1/3 cup of oil. *note: this has the texture and melt ability of comm. cheese, but not the flavor. you could mix 1/2 grated mock mozz. with 1/2 cup comm. mozz. for an authentic flavor.

I will post a few more later. This is a great book. I use the recipes weekly and they help save money.


The New Cookin’ with Home Storage– New and Expanded version with Index

By: Vicki Tate    (435)835-8283 in Utah, USA

Vicki has said if you call in to order the book price is $14.95 + S&H, and can order a CD of her lecture for $4.00, too.

Table of Contents

  1. Pioneer breads
  2. Breads
  3. cornmeal
  4. toppings
  5. quick mixes
  6. muffins
  7. quick breads
  8. hot cakes
  9. syrups
  10. tortillas
  11. specialty breads
  12. crackers and chips
  13. breakfast cereals
  14. sourdough
  15. soups
  16. beans and pea soup
  17. chowders
  18. stews
  19. chili
  20. sauces
  21. pioneer dinners
  22. dried beans
  23. one-pot-meals
  24. pizza
  25. mexican
  26. rice
  27. meat substitutes
  28. meat dishes and fish
  29. pasta
  30. dutch oven
  31. manti pageage bar-b-q turkey
  32. milk products
  33. cheese
  34. eggs
  35. fruit
  36. vegetables
  37. salads
  38. sprouts
  39. puddings
  40. pies
  41. cakes
  42. cookies
  43. confections
  44. remedies
  45. natural beauty and personal care
  46. emergency baby care
  47. household cleaners
  48. survival
  49. reconstituting dried foods
  50. substitutions
  51. preparedness tips
  52. what to store
  53. where to go for preparedness products

The book has 302+ pages.


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