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Angels are here: They came to us today with overflowing blessings

We went to our family doctor yesterday morning. Tommy was hurting very badly, just about in tears. They gave him 2 shots in the butt, gave us a Advair inhaler( we did not have the money to buy it), and 6 of the albuterol inhalers, then they called in a muscle relaxer pills and  gave me the money to pay for them.(Tommy does not get his check until Monday).Then they called a local hospice to come and see us.

Hospice came and talked to us for about 2 hours. They are taking our case. If their Social Worker can not find a way for Tommy to get some kind of Insurance (Medicare/ Medicaid), the hospice will pick up all the bills. We will not have to pay anything.When they told me, I lost it, I cried and cried, and made them tell me again ( I really thought I miss understood them.)Thank you Lord. They will be covering all of  Tommy’s COPD med’s and pain pills. And they will help me find a way to pay for or get the Zometa ( for his bones). Before they left, they ordered and had delivered: a tank of oxygen( to use if the power goes out), a machine that turns air into oxygen ( a big machine, has a bottle of water you have to put on it. I don’t know it’s name.), and a new nebulizer with a face mask.

They called our drug store and told them they were now paying for Tommy’s COPD med’s and pain pills. They also called our doctor, so they could call in Morphine drops for Tommy.

The hospice will cover/ pay for: nursing care( an RN will come once a week, and is on call 24/7 , if I need her for anything.), medical equipment, medical supplies, drugs, home health aide, therapy, social worker services( she said my work was done here, she’d being handling it now, my heaviest burden lifted, Thank you lord.) 

My shoulders feel so light now, oh what an awesome blessing. Thank you Lord for your care and blessings on us.I cried so much yesterday, it was a good overwhelming cry. They told me they would now be taking care of everything for Tommy.  All I had to do was tell them what he needed and they would do it or get it. When the Lord blesses, He does so in a great and mighty way.  The windows of heaven opened wide on us yesterday, the Lord was right on time again. We are so very thankful. 

I will go this morning and get his pain pills,  cough pills, and morphine drops. He used the oxygen machine last night and said it helped.

Thank you Lord for answered prayers and all Your blessings . Thank you all for your prayers as you all have blessed us too.

Very thankful and very blessed,


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Store bought goods: What I have and what else is needed for at least 1 year.

With the list below and our garden food, cow meat, our milk cow, chickens(meat and eggs) will give us over a years supply of food. I’ll buy things here and there, but not much. I cook from scratch, so you may or may not use what’s on my list. Over the years I have found lots of ways to make different things, with a little in store. Example: elbow noodles can be used in soups,mac and cheese, spag. I have other things stored, but this is our MUST HAVE list. And I have been stocking up now for over a year, so please don’t let this overwhelm you and you feel it’s to late, because it’s never to late. Just start slow and easy, buy a few extra things here and there. Some stored food is better than none.


Yeast: 3 lbs. ( this should last us over a year, used to make bread)

Flour: 35- 5lbs. bags ( we don’t have a grain grinder yet, but it’s on my wish list, so for now I buy flour. And I will most likely need to buy more before years out, due to not lasting for more than a year.)

Sugar: 42-5lbs. bags ( yes, this is a lot of sugar, but not really when you start making jellies and will most likely need more before the year is out.)

Lard: 50 lbs.

Salt: a full 5 gallon bucket ( we try and keep extra, in case we need to salt down meat to keep it good. I would like one more bucket, well it’s on list.)

dry powered milk: 10 big boxes= 50 made gallons (there is so much you can do with this, and we LOVE the hot cocoa mix.)

instant oatmeal packets: a full 5 gallon bucket (you say instant? Well they were on a great sale and well mine like a little flavor now and then)

rice: 60+ lbs.

elbow noodles: 30 lbs. ( use this for mac &cheese, soups, spag.)

fruit cocktail: 10- #10 cans ( these were a blessing from someone)

tomato sauce: 15 oz. cans- 30 ( used in homemade spag. sauce, chili, pizzas, soups)

lemon juice: 9- 1qt. bottles (use in making cheeses, putting fruit in, making jams)

mixed vegetable: 14 oz cans=30 and #10 cans=4 ( we love beef veg. soup, so in late fall I make big batches of soup and can it for the winter. I use our beef ribs as meat for soup, as we like the pork ribs better. And the beef ribs take up more room in the freezer.   I use these veg’s. to save a little time, and it still works out cheaper then buying soup in cans.)

tomato juice: 18= 46 oz cans ( for drinking and adding to soups)

pork and beans: 20 cans

kidney beans: 24 cans ( just for chili, hubby is only one who eats it.)

molasses: 6- 12 oz jars ( cooking)

cocoa: 8 lbs.( for homemade brownies, hot cocoa, cookies, cakes)

cans of fruit(peaches, pineapples, etc.): 29 cans

tomato paste: 2-#10 cans and 6 little cans ( used in soups, spag. and sauces)

bisquick: 16 lbs.( I know a boxed a mix, but hubby makes breakfast and he like using this for only pancakes and a chicken coating. And if I can come in from milking to hot cakes, it’s ok.)

ketchup: 4 bottles

pancake syrup: 9 bottles

rolled oats: 25 lbs. ( used for baking, eating and cookies)

peanut butter: 17 jars ( life is good if you have enough PB&J)

spag. noodles: 20 lbs.

baking soda: 15 lbs.

corn starch: 12- #10 cans ( someone gave us, but stores just about forever, I will not use this much in a year, maybe not even 5 years.)

powder sugar: 8-#10 cans (someone gave us, and will not use this all in a year, but stores a long time.)

BBQ sauce: 15 bottles ( on sale at $ .50 each, this was all that was left. Used for BBQ – Ribs.)

honey: 3 qts.( cooking and eating)

can potato slices: 24 cans ( if you drain them, then fry in butter and onions, on very good. a good sale on  them.)

pop corn: 10 lbs.

grits: 5 lbs.( should last a year, hubby is the only one to eat them.)

barley:  2- #10 cans ( used in soups, and side dish)

spag. sauce: 15- 26 oz cans ( this is the smaller can and we always doctor it up and add more, it’s used a a base.)

pizza sauce: 9 jars ( time saver. I make the Mozz. and crusts for homemade pizzas. The jar is only a dollar and makes 3-4 pizzas)

hash browns: 4-#10 cans

instant potatoes: 2-#10 cans

chocolate pudding instant: 4- #10 cans ( someone gave us, and it’s ok)

can peas: 10 ( the only way to get my family to eat peas is in soups and to make cheesy peas( using my canned cheese sauce).

mayonnaise: 5 jars

sweet relish: 3 jars

can mushrooms: 7

evaporated milk: 18 cans

both vinegar: 8 gallons

veg. oil: 10 bottles

shortening in cans: 6

vanilla: 6 bottles

baking powder: 6 cans

onion powder: 8 bottles ( we use powders instead of those mixed with salt, you get more for your money. And we use them daily. I might have to buy more.  To spice up a grilled cheese add the onion and garlic powder, it’s  a great change.)

garlic powder: 8 bottles

cinnamon: 8 bottles

seasoned salt: 5 bottles

spray Pam bottles: 6 ( don’t usually buy, but they were on a great sale)

Hershey’s  syrup:  5 bottles

dried potato slices, instant mashed potatoes: 14 boxes ( used on busy nights )

box cake mixes: 15 ( these were on sale too)

tubs of frosting: 6 ( I have not master this from scratch yet, and will need to buy more)

powdered Gatorade( big cans, makes 6 gallons each): 7 ( this is so great for everyone, for when their sick or out in the sun)

  Between these two list, has help me to really see what we have and need. And it’s been a while since I done it.  For some reason if it’s on paper it goes in brain better than just looking around.  Please only stock what your family will eat, even if it’s a great sale. And the more you can make from scratch the better and will save you more money. Try and learn to cook at least one new thing a week from scratch. Happy stocking.

Hope this helps.



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What’s Stored, What’s else is needed for at least 1 year?

Ok, I have check on what and how much I have stored this far. So I will know just what else I really need to store to go at least a year. This is only for canned foods I’ve canned, not store brought goods.  This list and how many jars needed for a year is for 3 people and I figure for not being able to go to store at all , so my numbers are really a little high( so it might last more than a year).  Some of this is from last year. But due to time and strength, I did not want to can more than we really used from the garden.

GREEN BEANS:(use 3 qts. a week)  have 159 qts. ( might can more)

SWEET POTATOES: (only 1 person eats) have 25 pts.

POTATOES: ( use about 2 qts. a week)  have 13 qts. ( need about 91 more qts.)

SHARP CHEEDAR CHEESE:  have 6 pts. and 5 jelly jars ( want to can more, if they go on sale again)

CHEESE SAUCE: have 42 jelly jars ( want to can more, if they go on sale again) ( one jar makes mac and cheese for 4 people.)

MILK: ( use about 3 qts. a week) have 56 qts ( need about 100 qts. more)

CARROTS: have 30 qts. (only used it stew and soup, have enough)

TOMATOES: ( use about 1-2 qts. week) have 44 qts. ( will can more if tomatoes do good this year)

FRUITS(use about 2 qts. a week)

APPLE SAUCE:  have 48 qts.

APPLE SLICES: have 27 qts.

PEAR CHUCKS: have 45 qts.

JELLIES AND BUTTERS: ( use about one pint a week)

APPLE BUTTER :  have  9 pts.

APPLE JELLY: have 17 jelly jars

PEAR JAM:  have 40 jelly jars

MIXED JELLIES:  have 5 jelly jars

STRAWBERRY SYRUP: have 3 jelly jars

STRAWBERRY JAM: have 6 jelly jars and 2 pts. ( 7 gallon freezer bags in freezer to make more jam) 

I am so thankful for all my stores. I know I have stated before that I was going to can every thing I could get my hands on, but well this was really stressing me out. I know how to garden and have seed for next year already, so why stress myself out? And all this will last us more than a year.  And I’m slowly running out of shelf space in the food barn.  I do not want  3 years of apples and no potatoes or green beans, ect.

Our beefalo (bull cow) is going in the freezer within the next 2-3 weeks.  And 1 cow would last us a year with 5 people (2 adults, 2 teenagers, 1 child)eating. Now only 2 adults and one child, should last us much longer. We have about 26 young chicks that should be ready for the freezer by winter. If we need more, we’ll kill as needed. I can get 2-3 meals out of one chicken for us. We still have about 1 pig in freezer from last year, so we are good on meat.

My next post I’ll do store bought goods and how much I have and need for a year for 3 people. Hope this helps someone. If you need any help or have any questions, just let me know.  If you can figure out about how much your family eats a month, that’s the place to start, even a week is a good start.

Hope you all have a great day.




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Blessings, Apples, Stocking

We have a week of on and off rain. Which we so badly needed. The youth group came back. They mowed the yard, weed eatted around the yard, and moved just about all the mulch into the upper garden. They were a great blessing to us.

I went yesterday, and picks 2 big plastic totes of apples. I got them free, off  the ground. The older man has a hard time picking from ground. He told me I could come any time and get all I wanted off the ground. Thank you Lord for the fruit. His trees are loaded. And so was the ground. As soon as I get these apples put up, I’ll go for more. I hope to make applesauce, can apples in a light syrup,  and for the first time make apple jelly. We could not get apples from him last year due to a late frost, but did get some the year before. And I only have a few quarts left from that year.

If you all see an apple (pears,oranges,….) tree in someone’s yard, and there are apples on ground, stop and ask if you can have the ones on the ground. 9 times out of 10, them will just give them to you so as they do not have to pick them up or mow them.  This is how I started, and now they call me when they are ready to pick up, year after year.   Put the word out that you want peoples extras. After I have canned and froze all I need for the year, I call in people to come and pick the extra, and some people call me to come and get their extra ( things I don’t grow or have). Find out every one around you who farms or gardens, trade things with each other. More people are willing to trade than buy right now. I offer people a 1/3 to 1/2 on what I am doing for their help( snapping beans to can, peeling apples,  peeling potatoes to can), just let people know. I have a list of people wanting to help. And Lord knows I need help.  It is really time to start helping one another, and it blesses me so to see so many doing just that.

Well, yesterday I went to town ( I  go  every two weeks, now), and I could not believe the prices are still going up, even on my feed for the animals. And just in two weeks, some things with up as much as $1.00 per item. Boy, I  really hate going to town.  But I found a few good deals: Ivory soap 4 @$1.00 (was 3 @$1.00), cans of coffee $3.00 cheaper than anywhere else( I got 6, that’s all they had left),cereal for $1.89 a box( got 8), 2 baby changing pads $.25 each( for my homemade pads). This week there was not many sale for me, so not much to add to stock, but I got some.  I got 700 pounds of feed for animals for two weeks, this bill was up by $30.00 . I wish I had enough room to grow my own feed, but I don’t, so I buy. 

Well I have a lot of work I needed to do, pray you all have a great weekend.


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Another day on the Farm -a little of this and that.

We got a good rain today.  I have another 3 hens sitting on eggs (6, 12, 6) and 9 chicks: we’ll have chicken this winter.  Peaches, our milk cow, is giving us a lot of milk, now we’re getting  3  1/2+ gallons.  Time for me to make ice cream again. Would you like some? 🙂  Tommy’s doing better, still at times having a hard time breathing, but this to is getting better. I will be picking green beans again in the morning.  The Lord has really blessed our garden and farm, thank you, Lord.



Homemade Mayonnaise

1 whole egg

2 teaspoons sugar

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 1/2 tablespoon vinegar

dash pepper

1 cup oil

Put all ingredients in the blender, except for  3/4 cup of oil. Blend together well. While blending, slowly add the remaining oil until the mayonnaise is thick.


Tortilla Chips

1 dozen corn tortilla   and oil for frying

Cut tortillas into triangles ( like a pie) and fry a few at a time in a pan of hot oil. Salt to taste.

** Variation** Try frying flour tortillas the same way and sugar mixture.


These recipes are from the  “Cooking with Home Storage”  by Vicki Tate , used with permission of author. A most have book. This book has pioneer recipes, dried foods recipes, and more.   This is the last of the recipes I’ll post from this book.   It is well worth the $14.95. If you’d like to see the book index it’s HERE at the end of post.

The New Cookin’ with Home Storage– New and Expanded version with Index

By: Vicki Tate    (435)835-8283 in Utah, USA

Vicki has said if you call in to order the book price is $14.95 + S&H, and can order a CD of her lecture for $4.00, too.



Plant sweet basil around your doorways as this repels flies. I know this works, even on a farm. I have a net bag on my screen door and fill it with sweet basil leaves every few days ( leaves- the snips I take off every few day, so it’ll grow bigger, some leaves get dried for winter use).

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Thanks to you all.

Just wanted to thank you all for stopping by. I pray this blog is a help to you.  You all have been a blessing to me. Thank you again.


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Cooking with Home Storage–Homemade Cheese recipes using Powdered milk

These recipes are from the  “Cooking with Home Storage”  by Vicki Tate , used with permission of author.  (see end of this post to order this wonderful book) A most have book. This book has pioneer recipes, dried foods recipes, and more.

Parmesan Cheese

1 cup boiling water , 2-3 tablespoons lemon juice,  1 cup powdered milk

blend all ingredients and cook over medium-high heat until milk boils. the curds will be very small and milk will be frothy. pour into a  cloth lined strainer, rinse and press out excess water. put curds into a bowl and stir with a fork to break up. spread on a cookie sheet and dry for about 10 minutes in a 150 degree oven. this cheese can be salted and used in place of parmesan, or mixed with 1/4 to 1/3 commercially dried parmesan cheese. refrigerate or freeze. makes about 1 cup of curds. a pleasant flavor change takes place after about 3 months of aging under refrigeration.


Mock Mozzarella

4 cups warm water,  1  3/4 cup  white vinegar,  2/3 cup vegetable oil,  3 cups powdered milk

blend all ingredients, pour into hot, oil-coated saucepan and heat to 115 degrees to form curds. rinse in warm water, drain and salt to taste. place in cheesecloth bag and hang to drain or squeeze out excess liquid. cool and grate or crumble. use as you would commercial mozzarella. for a firmer texture, use only 1/4- 1/3 cup of oil. *note: this has the texture and melt ability of comm. cheese, but not the flavor. you could mix 1/2 grated mock mozz. with 1/2 cup comm. mozz. for an authentic flavor.

I will post a few more later. This is a great book. I use the recipes weekly and they help save money.


The New Cookin’ with Home Storage– New and Expanded version with Index

By: Vicki Tate    (435)835-8283 in Utah, USA

Vicki has said if you call in to order the book price is $14.95 + S&H, and can order a CD of her lecture for $4.00, too.

Table of Contents

  1. Pioneer breads
  2. Breads
  3. cornmeal
  4. toppings
  5. quick mixes
  6. muffins
  7. quick breads
  8. hot cakes
  9. syrups
  10. tortillas
  11. specialty breads
  12. crackers and chips
  13. breakfast cereals
  14. sourdough
  15. soups
  16. beans and pea soup
  17. chowders
  18. stews
  19. chili
  20. sauces
  21. pioneer dinners
  22. dried beans
  23. one-pot-meals
  24. pizza
  25. mexican
  26. rice
  27. meat substitutes
  28. meat dishes and fish
  29. pasta
  30. dutch oven
  31. manti pageage bar-b-q turkey
  32. milk products
  33. cheese
  34. eggs
  35. fruit
  36. vegetables
  37. salads
  38. sprouts
  39. puddings
  40. pies
  41. cakes
  42. cookies
  43. confections
  44. remedies
  45. natural beauty and personal care
  46. emergency baby care
  47. household cleaners
  48. survival
  49. reconstituting dried foods
  50. substitutions
  51. preparedness tips
  52. what to store
  53. where to go for preparedness products

The book has 302+ pages.


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Here’s more in home, recipes, and stocking food

Around the farm: It’s been over cast most of day, praying for rain. I have cut the runners from my strawberries, suckered my tomatoes yet again, washed clothes and hung out side,  weeded some, and now taking a break. 

Home Tips    ( )

I found  this recipe and like it the best for a few reasons: I can get Ivory soap bars for 3 for a dollar and baking soda is cheap, both Ivory and baking soda store just about forever, not a lot of work to make, can be used to clean other things. We use ERA detergent the most as it works best on the farm, and being able to make something’s is better than nothing . And I have not learned yet to make soap. But I’m am preparing for hard times to come,( power outages, no money, nothing in stores to buy, etc.). I have bought Ivory and as have baking soda, for when it’s need. There are some many things happening all around us. This recipe is the cheapest I can find and the easiest to make( which is what I look for in all recipes).

Homemade Laundry Soap Detergent Recipe

2 gallons Water (hot)
1 bar Soap (grated)
2 cups Baking soda (yes baking soda this time–not washing soda)

  • Melt grated soap in a saucepan with enough hot water to cover. Cook on medium-low heat, stirring frequently until soap is melted.
  • In a large pail, pour 2 gallons hot water. Add melted soap, stir well.
  • Then add the baking soda, stir well again.
  • Use 1/2 cup per full load, 1 cup per very soiled load

I got this at:   ( Recipe #8) There are other recipes here, too.


Homemade Sanitary Pads

Ok, ladies what happens when and if you can’t buy sanitary pads. This is a must, to use all the time not really. But if you made a few to just have in case, this is something that we need, monthly. Yes, you could stock up on store bought ones, this is just a money saving tip. These could also be used in a first aid kit, if needed. When I find something like these, I think of other ways it can be used. The site I found to make them is:


Recipes       ( )

I know this is a winter time recipe but if you had it now, you might be able to stock up for it.( the price of powdered milk keeps going up, but this drink can also replace a glass of milk too, which is a treat for kids, and us older people.) And here they will not drink the powered milk any other way. And in hard times, this is a great boost.

 Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

Makes 14 cups (this makes a 28 cup batch)

2 cups instant non fat milk (4 cups)

1/2 cup cocoa  (1 cup)

1 1/2 cup sugar (3 cups)

1/4 teaspoon salt (1/2 teaspoon)

Mix all together well, store  in an air tight bowl. To use add 3 heaping tablespoons to a cup of hot water, not boiling. If you have a coffee maker- run water with no coffee, this is just the right temp.  ( after making it with the hot water and stirred good , it can be put in the ice box and becomes choc. milk, this is good too.)


Stocking Food    ( )

Yes, we do have a milk cow, who gives 3 1/2 gallons of milk a day. And yes, I can and freeze the milk. But I also keep the dried milk on hand( 3-5gal. buckets, about the time I run out, it’s on sale again and well keep 6-8 months in a cool dark place.). If I can’t get feed for her due to no money and or no food to buy, and when she dries up- I’ll have milk. We use a lot of milk both to drink and cook with. What I do with the dried milk: make cheeses , hot cocoa mix, in baking.

The many uses of powdered milk-great site for more ideas;




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Stocking food, brownies recipe, home tip


Expiration Dates on stored food ( put in stocking food tab)

I use a big black pen to write the date in big letters on front of package, then as I buy new, I put it where the dates go from oldest to newest.  I just look around my stores at the dates facing me. Then once a month, I go though and pull every thing that needs to be eaten that month, and bring in to the house.  Most can goods are good for years, but as the years go by they loose some nutritional value with age. If you are buying for your stockpile, look at the expiration dates as you buy, I have moved cases of food to get food that has more than a year from exp. date( I do put the other cases back like I found them). The oldest food is always on top or in the front. No store people have said any thing to me as long as I put things back.  It your money, and with money being tight, why not buy the freshest you can. It takes a little more time, but if your like me you have more time than money.


Recipes (is in tab too)

More Brownies Please

1 cup butter(2 sticks)

2 cups sugar

2 teaspoons vanilla

4 eggs

3/4 cup cocoa

1 cup all purpose flour

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 cup nuts optional ( but are great with walnuts)

Preheat oven to 350, grease 13 X 9 X 2 pan, melt butter in a pan then turn heat off and stir in sugar and vanilla, add eggs one at a time beating well with wooden spoon after each egg, add cocoa, beat until blended,  add flour, baking powder, salt, beat well. stir in nuts.  Bake at 350 for 30 – 35 min. or until brownies pull away from the sides of pan.  Enjoy!



Home Tips (is in tab too)

I found flannel sheets at thrift store, full sets, king size set $2.00 and queen size set $2.00. I will cut these up to make: washable paper towels, washable tissues,  washable napkins, and to make pads. That’s a lot of material for $4.00.

I am buying less cleaners and making my own cleaners. I will list some in a few days.


Hope everyone has a happy  4th.  Becky


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Garden and Farm and Home

I have been going full speed last few days. Right now it’s over 90, so I am taking a break in front of a fan. I am mulching everything I can, this so helps  with less weeding, and holds water in longer. I canned more quarts of  milk and quarts of green beans. Froze milk and eggs, and some cream(the only things you can not do with cream that has been frozen, is whip it. I make butter, ice cream and cheese with it as time allows). Thank you Lord, for a great garden and a milk cow who is giving more milk ( over 3 1/2 gallons a day, now)than I can keep what with, and 80+eggs to eat and eggs to put under hens( meat this winter). I hoed up another row of potatoes.  One of our hens hatched 3 more chicks ( total so far  this spring 11 chicks). I have got  to find time (somewhere) to make strawberry jam, and I’m almost out of butter.  The Lord has really blessed our farm and garden again. I am putting up everything I can get my hands on.   Our daughter is bring in more blackberries than I can keep up with and finding them in places they were not in before.  I know it’s going to be a very long, hard winter. And the Lord is providing food now to put up. Usually, when our garden and farm do above average, the winter coming has been hard and long. It has happened three different years, here. So that is why I am preparing more than I normally do, not just because of our economy and our income  dropping to a third.  This blog, Becky’s Farm Life , has gotten some many hits, from people looking to stock up on food and stretch their money, I know the Lord is trying to prepare them too.  I am just trying to help all I can. It’s becoming my mission for the Lord. People, I talk to face to face think I’m crazy for telling them to stock up and get ready. So the Lord showed me to start this blog, and they will come, and they have.  Please if any of you have ideas to add, please do so. As we are to help one another. And again, I don’t have all the answers, just telling what I know and what has worked here on our farm for years.

Tommy still has not gotten the gas line fixed under the house. So I am glad I have a gas stove top outside( this is where I can in the summer). In a way it’s a blessing, I can cook simpler meals,and the kitchen does not get so hot. Last night, we had eggs and bacon and toast and milk.  I just have to keep an eye out for the cats, they think it’s their dinner.  I am checking all my stored  things as I go to the store next week. I have cut going to town to every two weeks, it would be once a month but I don’t have room to store that much animal feed. As it is I get 700 lbs, every two weeks, this feeds 3- cows, 30 chicken, 4- dogs, 4- cats, 6- kittens. Do you need a kitten?  And many food we need for the next 2 weeks, I am so blessed to have a truck big enough to carry it all. When I come home from a day in town, the truck is packed tight. And usually  takes us about 3 hrs. to get everything put up.

The milk cow has been giving me a hard time. She was in her worse heat the other night. She want to play with the bull more than she wanted to eat and get milked. It took me 3  1/2 hours to milk her out, usually 20 min’s. She a great milk cow for it being her first year milking. Tommy says, It’s  a female thing, men think they know it all. I have another chicken wanting to sit on eggs, I will let her in a few days.   I have strawberry runners to cut off, and sucker the tomatoes, clothes to wash and hang out side. Hope every one has a blessed day.  So I better get up from in front of this fan and get more things done today. Becky




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