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The foods you stock up

Please make sure the foods you stock up on, our foods you will eat. Why buy 50 pounds of rice, if no one will eat it.  I stock up on foods that can be mix and match with other things,  and am able to make more than one kind of meal with it.

Elbow noodles, cheese sauce, spag. sauce, mixed vegs( in #10 cans), canned meats( or just meat)= can be mde into: mac and cheese, spag. with elbow noodles, Soup made with noodles-mixed vegs-a little meat, cheese spread on bread or crackers.

Flour: makes breads, noodles, breadings

Rice: make rice and gravy with meat, add to soups, as a side dish, if you run out of chicken food- cook some up for them-I have done it for weeks

Meats: have some home canned and/or store canned ( no power, ets, already cooked), some in freezer.

Think about your  most ate meals, and try to stock those things. Check the dates on everything you buy! Start off small, buy  few extra things at a time, Or at least a meals worth and /or days worth.  The extras you get put up, out of sight until you get a supply going as you might be tempted to use it.  Everyone is having hard times. And I know it’s harder now to stock up, but this mess is not going away any time soon. Think of the cheapest meal you can get by with, this is not the time to stock up on T- Bones, etc.  If you are used to buying name brand things, try a few off brands, sometimes  you’ll be able to get 2 off brand ideas for the price of a name brand. I know some off brands are not good, but some are. Stocking up is the best thing you can do for your family. I try and prepare for the worse and pray for the best. We are not eatting all the meals , we were eatting last year. We get alot of different foods, and the amounts are cut some. I used to make sweets daily and now I only make them 3 times a week.  Instead of cooking a whole chicken for dinner, I cook enough for a piece a person, they eat more vegs and bread. The steaks (our cow meat) cut up for beef stew, and get two meals out of one. I know this will not work for every one out there, but pick and choose what will or you think will work for your family. I have just been doing it so long, it’s now a habit. If you need any help just ask. If you have a meal you want to stretch, or come up with some other meal with same stuff in it, just let me know. And I’ll try my best to help. I hope this helps every one out there. 

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Why 3 blogs?

Why 3 blogs? Well I’m still new to this blogging world. And I have found that the different blogs allow me to do different things. Two are easier for me to load photos, one allows more pages, this one more friends. And  having three, I can also reach more people. Some many people now are looking for ways to feed their familys and strectch their money, etc.  I have an overwhelming feeling to help and share with people what I know. And I don’t know it all. And I am learning more from each of you as well.  Hope to see you at one of my three blogs. God Bless, Becky

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Updates: Home, Garden, canning, Tommy’s health

Good morning,

     We have had 2 days of blessed rain. Thank you Lord. The gardens and well really needed it. And it helped to cools us off.  It’s been up above 90’s, no AC in house, only AC in food barn ( some days I wish I was a jar of green beans and get to stay where it’s cool).

      The farm is doing great too. I am getting 21 + gallons of milk a week( I’m making cheese, ice cream, butter, canning, freezing, it all as Fast as I can), 80+ eggs a week ( I’m freezing eggs too, this works great when they slow down, you can freeze store bought eggs too), 2 chickens sitting( meat for this winter and replacing hens), 7 young chicks so far,  the beefalo bull will being leaving us soon( I need steaks and I do not want to feed him this coming winter), 7 kittens( any one need one).  I hope to dig up some new potatoes this week as I really do not want to buy any more store (yuck) potatoes, we ran out of our stored  potatoes from last year two months ago.  And tomatoes are almost ready to enter our bellies.

    The garden is doing great, the Lord has blessed it yet again. We got a load (big) of mulch, to put in walk  ways of the upper  garden. Which will save me a lot of time, in not having to weed so much.   I have canned 22 jelly jars of cheese sauce, 7 qt’s. of milk, 4  qt’s. of green beans,  froze 6- 2liter bottles of milk.  I’ll have to pick green beans again Monday.   This coming week I have to make strawberry jam, I had to freeze the strawberries because at the time they came in I was to busy to make jam. I have 8- gallon freezer bags of strawberries calling my name.   I dried 3 batches of herbs.

   Tommy is doing a little better. He still is tired all time and at times has a hard time breathing, but thank the Lord the pain is not as bad as before. We still have not as of today found a way to pay for his med’s or doctor visits. So please keep praying.

We are so blessed,  we may have no money, but we have what money can’t buy. Thank you Lord, for your blessings on us.  Lord, help me to always count my blessing and not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow is in YOUR hands. Thank you for always supplying all our needs.

Thank you all for your friendship. May God bless you all.  Becky



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