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Food stock good but soaps, PT, etc., not.

Is any one else a little overwhelmed with our economy??? I know no one knows what doing to happen tomorrow. And try as I might, there is always something I’m forgetting.

 I was looking around my home and food store this morning, and I am lacking in an area. My soaps, PT, tooth paste, ect. are not in good shape. I have been forcing on food. But there is more to life than food, it’s a big part but not the only. So now I’m setting the food aside for a bit, unless a great sale comes.

Here is what I need to stock:


Dove-bath soap

V05  shamp. and conditioners-hair



bath paper

paper towels


wax paper

freezer bags- qt and gal

trash bags

light bulbs

lamp oil


his and her deod.

clothes soap

and a few other thing.

Then next is stocking up cow and chicken food, maybe if I can hay.

I really hope I’m not to late. Sometimes this whole economy thing is so overwhelming. I know the Lord is in control. But I know ,I’m to do my part too, like the ants in the Bible. God has always supplied our needs.

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