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Nice and quiet this morning-preparing

I got up early this morning. I have been surfing the web, trying to find out all I can that will help us. I am taking notes on everything. Why notes? Because I’m preparing for the worse and praying for the best. There might come a time when I no longer can get Internet or power to run it. So I’m going back to pen and paper.  I feel a great need to prepare for everything I can. From cooking over a fire, etc.  Am I over reacting, ???, I’m not sure. But I know I have a family to take care off. I have to find a answer for just about anything that can and might happen. The Lord has always taken care of us, but we must do our part too.

I found out yesterday, I put a clothes rack  in front of the fan, it cooled off some in here and the clothes were softer than hanging out side. Two birds with one fan. Well I have butter  to make this morning along with milking up and getting everything and everyone feed.

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