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Much better day–need ideas, tips and hints

Well, our medicaid worker called with a lot of info, on ways to get medical help for Tommy.  She went out of her way to get the info. I thanked her very much. Now  I have to start making calls, but thankful I have a place to start.

We picked our first batch of green beans this morning. And I just got them canned. Now I’m canning milk. This evening when it cools off some, I have to hill up another row of potatoes. Our garden is doing wonderfully. The Lord has blessed it again this year.

Now that our income has dropped down to a 1/3 of what we are use too, I need help from you all.  Any tips, hints, ways to stretch thing farther,  any creativity. On the running of a home and farm.  I would like to use what I already have on hand or can buy cheap, to keep us going.  Making things from scratch, reusing things for something else, etc.

So what has worked at your house?

What saves you the most money?

How do you reuse what you have?

Any and all help would be great. I have to get more creative,  scratch that dollar until it can’t hollar any more. 
Thank you all for your prayers and all your help, and most of all  for the friendships I’ve found here.

God bless you all, Becky                   



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