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A few days of blessings and photos

Our son, Raymond and his female friend, Faris, came up for a visit on Thursday.  They are on their way to Alaska for a 1 1/2 year stay.

These two are city,beach kids gone country for a day.Raymond and Faris (Our new farm hands)

Friday morning, we got a call saying, We could get hay out of the field for $3.00 a bale, and we could make payments on it. But we would have to get it that day as rain was coming in the next day. Now here is the Blessings: First, Raymond and Faris said them help me load it ( as Tommy was having a really hard time breathing and was hurting, there was no way he could loaded the hay), we loaded a 112 bales. It took us two trips to get it home. Tommy drove the truck around field, and even that was hard on him. Second: We have been paying $7.95 a bale, and we need a 100 bales to make it through this winter. We are still in a drought here, so we were not sure how to get the hay this year, or how to pay for it.  The Lord opened His window on us. So thank you, Raymond and Faris for your help, and saving us almost $500 on the hay. Below is some photos of us getting hay and these two city- beach kids helping us and blessing us:

Ok, girls this isn't heavy!

Loading Hay

Raymond and myself loading hay.

I found one with a cow in it , too.

Come on, Dad.

They both were really happy when I told them we didn’t have to get the big rolls of hay, just the square bales.


Faris and myself

Look,  I'm doing it.

She said,” This is not so bad”.

They both did such a wonderful job. Faris had not been on a farm before. She tried cows milk and butter, and really like it. I sent her some milk in a cooler for their trip.  She also said, “Haying was fun.” That’s a city-beach kid for you.  I am so thankful our winter hay is on the farm. The Lord poured His blessing out of us. Thank you, Lord. A friend on the blog is blessing us with homemade goat soap and shampoo, and sending yard. Thank you again my friend. May God bless you to over flowing.  Well, my haying muscles are calling for another hot shower. Just wanted to Thank Raymond, Faris, and my blog friend and mostly to thank the Lord.

God bless you all,


If you would like to see all the photos of the day and the haying tractor see:  All the haying day photos  

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