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Why, What, How : I am storing and stocking up: Food

Why? Well , my hubby told me a year ago, to start stocking up. He knew all this was coming, higher food and gas prices and job cuts. So when you see what I have, remember that I have been at it for over a year.
When I go to the store, I only buy food if it’s on sale. Then I buy all I can, but I check the exp. date on everything I buy. When I’m stocking up I think to myself: how many things can I make with this, what do I really need as far as staples(how much do I use every month), will my family eat this,etc. Your ?’s  to your self might be different. I am just showing you our way, but you might not eat what I do or cook the way I do.


We have what I call a food barn( kids call it the grocery store). We rent, so we could not dig a cellar. So hubby made a food barn for me. It has AC in summer when it’s hot and a small heater in winter. As you can see it’s not very big, about 7ft wide by about 16ft long.  My 3 freezers are in here too, they help keep in warm in the winter. This is were I store 80% of our food. Here are some more photos of inside the food barn.




The above is canned milk from our cow, eggs from the chickens, canned potatoes,green beans,carrots.


These are green beans, apple sauce(we pick up apples and pears off the ground at a friends house and cut out bad spots the size of dimes, no one else wants to pick them up and we rent so we can’t plant fruit trees, so God provides fruit this way. We usually get enough to last us until next year.), pears.


Coffee and tea are bought on sale at less than half price or a little more. I stock up and by the time they run low or out the sales back.


Someone gave us their Y2K #10 cans of flour, sugar, powdered sugar, ect. The flour will not work in breads, but will do for a coating on fried foods, gravies, and noodles.


Sharp cheddar cheese canned (just learned you could can hard cheeses, we don’t like it in the freezer, so watch out sales), rice in a 2 liter bottle with a few bay leaves inside to keep bugs out and top taped on, bottle of elbow noodles, canned cheese sauce( just learned to can this too), ice cream bucket with baking soda and tape closed.

The next are places I store in the house:



Rice with bay leaves inside.


Noodles are left in there packages and sugar.( 5 gal. bucket holds 7 -5lbs. bags)

I have 4 buckets of sugar, 2 of dry milk, 2 of lard, 25 bags of flour, and more. The buckets are stored in one of our bedrooms, other things are stored under beds, in closets: anywhere I can stick things.

Hope this helps someone. Start off with buying a little extra each week, or just one or two things. Nothing is going to be dropping in price any time soon. Can or put every thing you can put your hands on. But only put up what you will eat! And don’t forget to put up a few sweets up, in hard times  they’ll give you a little boost, a feel good food. Cheese  is our boost.

Happy shopping.  Becky




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A place to find out new ways to live and eat for less.

With the price of gas, food and loses of jobs and job lay offs: people have been asking me more often ,” How do you do this or that?” So I’m starting this so I can point people here. I welcome any ideas on making it through this days we are in.
I by no means have all the answers. But we have lived on one income for more than ten years now. I have found new ways of doing things for less. And finding ways to use what I already have before trying to buy. Now I have to use even more creativity than before. My husband has prostate cancer, and our income has taken a big fall. But my store house is full, we are clothed and housed. We are very blessed.
Here are a few things we are doing : I only buy food on sale, I plan meals with what is in the house. I make even more things from scratch: ice cream ( our milk , cream, eggs and sugar from store), I’m in the process of making sanitary pads( they went up in price too, but I don’t have to buy anything, just use what I already have around the house), I learned to can sharp cheddar cheese( when it goes on sale, I can buy a lot, We love cheese), I make mozzarella and ricotta from our cow’s milk, I am now making our homemade Cheese Whiz and canning it in jars.This is just a start. I am willing to help any one I can make it through this day and age( prices of everything up)

So please ask a way.
Together we will make it.
TIP for today: You can grow Bush green beans in a bucket, and get a lot of beans to can or freeze. And do not plant tomatoes near corn or potatoes.

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