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The foods you stock up

Please make sure the foods you stock up on, our foods you will eat. Why buy 50 pounds of rice, if no one will eat it.  I stock up on foods that can be mix and match with other things,  and am able to make more than one kind of meal with it.

Elbow noodles, cheese sauce, spag. sauce, mixed vegs( in #10 cans), canned meats( or just meat)= can be mde into: mac and cheese, spag. with elbow noodles, Soup made with noodles-mixed vegs-a little meat, cheese spread on bread or crackers.

Flour: makes breads, noodles, breadings

Rice: make rice and gravy with meat, add to soups, as a side dish, if you run out of chicken food- cook some up for them-I have done it for weeks

Meats: have some home canned and/or store canned ( no power, ets, already cooked), some in freezer.

Think about your  most ate meals, and try to stock those things. Check the dates on everything you buy! Start off small, buy  few extra things at a time, Or at least a meals worth and /or days worth.  The extras you get put up, out of sight until you get a supply going as you might be tempted to use it.  Everyone is having hard times. And I know it’s harder now to stock up, but this mess is not going away any time soon. Think of the cheapest meal you can get by with, this is not the time to stock up on T- Bones, etc.  If you are used to buying name brand things, try a few off brands, sometimes  you’ll be able to get 2 off brand ideas for the price of a name brand. I know some off brands are not good, but some are. Stocking up is the best thing you can do for your family. I try and prepare for the worse and pray for the best. We are not eatting all the meals , we were eatting last year. We get alot of different foods, and the amounts are cut some. I used to make sweets daily and now I only make them 3 times a week.  Instead of cooking a whole chicken for dinner, I cook enough for a piece a person, they eat more vegs and bread. The steaks (our cow meat) cut up for beef stew, and get two meals out of one. I know this will not work for every one out there, but pick and choose what will or you think will work for your family. I have just been doing it so long, it’s now a habit. If you need any help just ask. If you have a meal you want to stretch, or come up with some other meal with same stuff in it, just let me know. And I’ll try my best to help. I hope this helps every one out there. 

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Why 3 blogs?

Why 3 blogs? Well I’m still new to this blogging world. And I have found that the different blogs allow me to do different things. Two are easier for me to load photos, one allows more pages, this one more friends. And  having three, I can also reach more people. Some many people now are looking for ways to feed their familys and strectch their money, etc.  I have an overwhelming feeling to help and share with people what I know. And I don’t know it all. And I am learning more from each of you as well.  Hope to see you at one of my three blogs. God Bless, Becky

other 2:  another Jordan’s Farm   Jordan’s Farm

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Updates: Home, Garden, canning, Tommy’s health

Good morning,

     We have had 2 days of blessed rain. Thank you Lord. The gardens and well really needed it. And it helped to cools us off.  It’s been up above 90’s, no AC in house, only AC in food barn ( some days I wish I was a jar of green beans and get to stay where it’s cool).

      The farm is doing great too. I am getting 21 + gallons of milk a week( I’m making cheese, ice cream, butter, canning, freezing, it all as Fast as I can), 80+ eggs a week ( I’m freezing eggs too, this works great when they slow down, you can freeze store bought eggs too), 2 chickens sitting( meat for this winter and replacing hens), 7 young chicks so far,  the beefalo bull will being leaving us soon( I need steaks and I do not want to feed him this coming winter), 7 kittens( any one need one).  I hope to dig up some new potatoes this week as I really do not want to buy any more store (yuck) potatoes, we ran out of our stored  potatoes from last year two months ago.  And tomatoes are almost ready to enter our bellies.

    The garden is doing great, the Lord has blessed it yet again. We got a load (big) of mulch, to put in walk  ways of the upper  garden. Which will save me a lot of time, in not having to weed so much.   I have canned 22 jelly jars of cheese sauce, 7 qt’s. of milk, 4  qt’s. of green beans,  froze 6- 2liter bottles of milk.  I’ll have to pick green beans again Monday.   This coming week I have to make strawberry jam, I had to freeze the strawberries because at the time they came in I was to busy to make jam. I have 8- gallon freezer bags of strawberries calling my name.   I dried 3 batches of herbs.

   Tommy is doing a little better. He still is tired all time and at times has a hard time breathing, but thank the Lord the pain is not as bad as before. We still have not as of today found a way to pay for his med’s or doctor visits. So please keep praying.

We are so blessed,  we may have no money, but we have what money can’t buy. Thank you Lord, for your blessings on us.  Lord, help me to always count my blessing and not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow is in YOUR hands. Thank you for always supplying all our needs.

Thank you all for your friendship. May God bless you all.  Becky



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Food stock good but soaps, PT, etc., not.

Is any one else a little overwhelmed with our economy??? I know no one knows what doing to happen tomorrow. And try as I might, there is always something I’m forgetting.

 I was looking around my home and food store this morning, and I am lacking in an area. My soaps, PT, tooth paste, ect. are not in good shape. I have been forcing on food. But there is more to life than food, it’s a big part but not the only. So now I’m setting the food aside for a bit, unless a great sale comes.

Here is what I need to stock:


Dove-bath soap

V05  shamp. and conditioners-hair



bath paper

paper towels


wax paper

freezer bags- qt and gal

trash bags

light bulbs

lamp oil


his and her deod.

clothes soap

and a few other thing.

Then next is stocking up cow and chicken food, maybe if I can hay.

I really hope I’m not to late. Sometimes this whole economy thing is so overwhelming. I know the Lord is in control. But I know ,I’m to do my part too, like the ants in the Bible. God has always supplied our needs.

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Much better day–need ideas, tips and hints

Well, our medicaid worker called with a lot of info, on ways to get medical help for Tommy.  She went out of her way to get the info. I thanked her very much. Now  I have to start making calls, but thankful I have a place to start.

We picked our first batch of green beans this morning. And I just got them canned. Now I’m canning milk. This evening when it cools off some, I have to hill up another row of potatoes. Our garden is doing wonderfully. The Lord has blessed it again this year.

Now that our income has dropped down to a 1/3 of what we are use too, I need help from you all.  Any tips, hints, ways to stretch thing farther,  any creativity. On the running of a home and farm.  I would like to use what I already have on hand or can buy cheap, to keep us going.  Making things from scratch, reusing things for something else, etc.

So what has worked at your house?

What saves you the most money?

How do you reuse what you have?

Any and all help would be great. I have to get more creative,  scratch that dollar until it can’t hollar any more. 
Thank you all for your prayers and all your help, and most of all  for the friendships I’ve found here.

God bless you all, Becky                   


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Nice and quiet this morning-preparing

I got up early this morning. I have been surfing the web, trying to find out all I can that will help us. I am taking notes on everything. Why notes? Because I’m preparing for the worse and praying for the best. There might come a time when I no longer can get Internet or power to run it. So I’m going back to pen and paper.  I feel a great need to prepare for everything I can. From cooking over a fire, etc.  Am I over reacting, ???, I’m not sure. But I know I have a family to take care off. I have to find a answer for just about anything that can and might happen. The Lord has always taken care of us, but we must do our part too.

I found out yesterday, I put a clothes rack  in front of the fan, it cooled off some in here and the clothes were softer than hanging out side. Two birds with one fan. Well I have butter  to make this morning along with milking up and getting everything and everyone feed.

Thanks for stopping by.




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Fifteen Things God Won’t Ask

Found this at  at bottom of page.  I really liked it, thought you all might like too.

God won’t ask what kind of car you drove, but will ask how many people you drove who didn’t have transportation.

God won’t ask the square footage of your house, but will ask how many people you welcomed into your home.

God won’t ask about the fancy clothes you had in your closet, but will ask how many of those clothes helped the needy.

God won’t ask about your social status, but will ask what kind of class you displayed.

God won’t ask how many material possessions you had, but will ask if they dictated your life.

God won’t ask what your highest salary was, but will ask if you compromised your character to obtain that salary.

God won’t ask how much overtime you worked, but will ask if you worked overtime for your family and loved ones.

God won’t ask how many promotions you received, but will ask how you promoted others.

God won’t ask what your job title was, but will ask if you reformed your job to the best of your ability.

God won’t ask what you did to help yourself, but will ask what you did to help others.

God won’t ask how many friends you had, but will ask how many people to whom you were a true friend.

God won’t ask what you did to protect your rights, but will ask what you did to protect the rights of others.

God won’t ask in what neighborhood you lived, but will ask how you treated your neighbors.

God won’t ask about the color of your skin, but will ask about the content of your character.

God won’t ask how many times your deeds matched your words, but will ask how many times they didn’t.


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We need fast and had PRAYER, please

We need some heavy and hard prayers going up fast, please.
We got a call this morning saying Tommy will get Social security Disability starting in July. For $998 a month.
So I called our medicaid worker to tell her. She told me that Tommy would no longer qualify for his low income medicaid for July or after that. She said it was more than the $424 a month limit. She said that she is sending another app. for an Adult Type Medicaid, but she does not know if he will qualify. We just have to fill it out and see. She said she knows it helps with Medicare(people over 65, he’s only 62), She said the other part of it will pay some on meds and dr. bills. But in reappling, it’ll take 30 -60 days for an anwser. And his medicaid ends June 30th. So we need prayer that all goes well, and fast. In July, Tommy has his Zometa treatment($2,000) an all his meds and his hormone therapy (IV one is $3,000 and the pill therapy is $5,600) plus all his doctor visits. I am sorry but I can’t figure out their thinking $998 a month will pay for all this. The medicaid worker said if he was getting SSI instead of disability, he would get medicaid. I really can’t follow that line of thinking? If you are not able to work, they will not help. But if you can work they will!! I am sorry but I’m just not getting this. And needless to say, I’m really ticked off.
But this I know GOD is in control. His ways are not our ways and HE is never late. Please pray that all this works out fast and in time. Please pray for Tommy and I, to put all this in GOD’s hands. To be very honest we are both scared, we have faith, it’s just a little weak right now. This has been a very long and hard fight.
Well I’ve a lot more calls to make. But needed to up date everyone and ask yet again for your prayers.
Thank you all very much for your prayers.

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A few days of blessings and photos

Our son, Raymond and his female friend, Faris, came up for a visit on Thursday.  They are on their way to Alaska for a 1 1/2 year stay.

These two are city,beach kids gone country for a day.Raymond and Faris (Our new farm hands)

Friday morning, we got a call saying, We could get hay out of the field for $3.00 a bale, and we could make payments on it. But we would have to get it that day as rain was coming in the next day. Now here is the Blessings: First, Raymond and Faris said them help me load it ( as Tommy was having a really hard time breathing and was hurting, there was no way he could loaded the hay), we loaded a 112 bales. It took us two trips to get it home. Tommy drove the truck around field, and even that was hard on him. Second: We have been paying $7.95 a bale, and we need a 100 bales to make it through this winter. We are still in a drought here, so we were not sure how to get the hay this year, or how to pay for it.  The Lord opened His window on us. So thank you, Raymond and Faris for your help, and saving us almost $500 on the hay. Below is some photos of us getting hay and these two city- beach kids helping us and blessing us:

Ok, girls this isn't heavy!

Loading Hay

Raymond and myself loading hay.

I found one with a cow in it , too.

Come on, Dad.

They both were really happy when I told them we didn’t have to get the big rolls of hay, just the square bales.


Faris and myself

Look,  I'm doing it.

She said,” This is not so bad”.

They both did such a wonderful job. Faris had not been on a farm before. She tried cows milk and butter, and really like it. I sent her some milk in a cooler for their trip.  She also said, “Haying was fun.” That’s a city-beach kid for you.  I am so thankful our winter hay is on the farm. The Lord poured His blessing out of us. Thank you, Lord. A friend on the blog is blessing us with homemade goat soap and shampoo, and sending yard. Thank you again my friend. May God bless you to over flowing.  Well, my haying muscles are calling for another hot shower. Just wanted to Thank Raymond, Faris, and my blog friend and mostly to thank the Lord.

God bless you all,


If you would like to see all the photos of the day and the haying tractor see:  All the haying day photos  

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Why, What, How : I am storing and stocking up: Food

Why? Well , my hubby told me a year ago, to start stocking up. He knew all this was coming, higher food and gas prices and job cuts. So when you see what I have, remember that I have been at it for over a year.
When I go to the store, I only buy food if it’s on sale. Then I buy all I can, but I check the exp. date on everything I buy. When I’m stocking up I think to myself: how many things can I make with this, what do I really need as far as staples(how much do I use every month), will my family eat this,etc. Your ?’s  to your self might be different. I am just showing you our way, but you might not eat what I do or cook the way I do.


We have what I call a food barn( kids call it the grocery store). We rent, so we could not dig a cellar. So hubby made a food barn for me. It has AC in summer when it’s hot and a small heater in winter. As you can see it’s not very big, about 7ft wide by about 16ft long.  My 3 freezers are in here too, they help keep in warm in the winter. This is were I store 80% of our food. Here are some more photos of inside the food barn.




The above is canned milk from our cow, eggs from the chickens, canned potatoes,green beans,carrots.


These are green beans, apple sauce(we pick up apples and pears off the ground at a friends house and cut out bad spots the size of dimes, no one else wants to pick them up and we rent so we can’t plant fruit trees, so God provides fruit this way. We usually get enough to last us until next year.), pears.


Coffee and tea are bought on sale at less than half price or a little more. I stock up and by the time they run low or out the sales back.


Someone gave us their Y2K #10 cans of flour, sugar, powdered sugar, ect. The flour will not work in breads, but will do for a coating on fried foods, gravies, and noodles.


Sharp cheddar cheese canned (just learned you could can hard cheeses, we don’t like it in the freezer, so watch out sales), rice in a 2 liter bottle with a few bay leaves inside to keep bugs out and top taped on, bottle of elbow noodles, canned cheese sauce( just learned to can this too), ice cream bucket with baking soda and tape closed.

The next are places I store in the house:



Rice with bay leaves inside.


Noodles are left in there packages and sugar.( 5 gal. bucket holds 7 -5lbs. bags)

I have 4 buckets of sugar, 2 of dry milk, 2 of lard, 25 bags of flour, and more. The buckets are stored in one of our bedrooms, other things are stored under beds, in closets: anywhere I can stick things.

Hope this helps someone. Start off with buying a little extra each week, or just one or two things. Nothing is going to be dropping in price any time soon. Can or put every thing you can put your hands on. But only put up what you will eat! And don’t forget to put up a few sweets up, in hard times  they’ll give you a little boost, a feel good food. Cheese  is our boost.

Happy shopping.  Becky




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